By Steve Ott

Rock in the stormTrue intimacy with God is probably the most important thing we can desire in our relationship with Him. It is in this intimacy that He can reveal to us His true character and make real, to each of us, the depths of His Love.

One part of this journey is what we like to call our "Rock". This "Rock" is defined as the part of God's character or nature that He reveals to us, that is special to us. It is the part of Him that fits with the way He has designed us. The way we view and understand Him comes through this revelation.

The part of His nature that God revealed to me was how He is so "Personal". That is, how He knows each human being, from the greatest to the least, in the most intimate way. There is nothing that is hidden from His sight, no thought, no action, not a hair falling from our head. Nothing escapes His attention. He loves and cares for us so deeply that He will not let His attention falter for even a moment.

For my wife,  He is her "Shepherd". I've heard others say that He is "Constant", "The Friendliest Person I have Ever Met", and "Righteousness".

In Matt. 16, Peter is asked by Jesus who he thinks He is. Peter says that He,"is the Christ, the Son of the living God". At this point, Jesus changes Peter's name to "Rock"(Petros) and says that He will build His church on this "Rock"(petra). When He changes Peter's name, He is establishing who Peter will be, that He will become the consistent and solid, dependable man who will lead the church. This is in contrast to the current unstable, flighty man who Peter is.

When He speaks of the "Rock" on which He will build His church, Jesus is not referring to Peter, He is speaking of the Rock of Revelation Knowledge, or revealed knowledge. This is the knowledge that God reveals personally to us, as He did for Peter. So Peter's "Rock" was that Jesus was the Christ, God's son, and this would be the foundation from which Peter would relate to Him.God's desire is for all His followers to know Him in this way and to receive this "Rock" for themselves. Who is Jesus to you? Not, who do you want Him to be, but who does He want to be to you?

This revelation will typically come through an encounter with Him. It may be something that has happened in your past in which He has already revealed this to you. Maybe you haven't had an encounter with Him yet. Ask Him to meet with you and reveal that part of His character that will help you understand and relate to Him better, more intimately.  It can come even when you aren't expecting it, as a picture, a thought, a word, a scripture, or a memory, etc. He will lead you to where He knows you can find Him.

God bless you, Steve.