By Steve Ott

Go deep with Him and start to trust His leading.Over the last number of years, I've heard many good sound teachings on intimacy with God and our identity because of Him. But what I noticed is that it almost seemed like there were two camps set up. One saying that you need to focus on God and who He says He is to you. The other saying you need to know who you are in Him. Both camps would look at each other and say about the other,"Yes, that is true, but this first." So I have been confused, knowing that both were truth, but not knowing how they fit together. 

The other day a friend sent me a prophetic word from Luc Niebergall of Calgary, Alberta called "A Call to Friendship With The Lord and the Stages of Revival". It was very eye-opening for me, in that it explained how these teachings fit together, so I thought I would write a few notes to share what God has revealed to me through it, and hopefully, help others to understand this revelation.

According to Luc, (and I believe also the Holy Spirit), the very first thing we need to do, in our relationship with God, is to establish intimacy with Him. Without this intimacy, it is impossible to move forward in our callings because we are unable to hear Him speak clearly. Also, we won't know and understand His heart, and therefore will move forward in religion, not relationship. 

Intimacy is the first step, but also must be a lasting part of our walk with Him. All the rest flows from this relationship and if it is not maintained, the rest falls apart. As we get closer to God during this process, He will reveal to us what Karl Berg refers to as "Our Rock". 

This is God's personal revelation to you of who He is for you. This is the part of His character through which you will understand His revelations to you personally, and the part of Him that will carry you through the storms.

After our intimacy is established, we will begin to gain a deeper understanding of who we are in Him. This is the second stage called identity. 

Our identity consists of understanding that He has made us righteous, Holy, and Perfect. We are completely reborn, the old is gone and all things have become new. (2 Cor. 5:17) We have been endowed with the Holy Spirit and all the gifts that come with Him. During this stage we go through the process of having our minds renewed. (Romans 12:2) We do away with our old worldly and religious ways of thinking and bring our souls (mind, will, emotions) under the wisdom and authority of the Holy Spirit.

As God's love and truth grow within us, we begin to walk as Jesus walked. We hear from God and move. We do what we see the father do, and we say what we hear the father say; it is God in us, He does the work. (John 5:19,John 14:10) Signs and wonders will begin to follow us as a natural outflow of our lives (Mark 16:17-18). Signs and wonders are to glorify God and to show the world His power and might. The working of he Holy Spirit in us brings revival in us and then to those around us.

So the greater the level of intimacy we have with Him, the greater the revelation of Him we can walk in, and the greater the works He can work through us, thus bringing a greater level of revival in our realm of influence. 

I hope to expand on all these steps in the coming weeks as God leads. Where are you in your relationship with God today? The Bible says to "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you". (Matt. 6:33

Is God your first love or are there other things standing in the way of you going deeper with Him? 

Start seeking a deeper relationship with the creator of all things, He has your best in mind. He created you and gave you the giftings and interests that you have. He knows what is best for you even better than you do. 

Go deep with Him and start to trust His leading.

God bless you,