By Karl Berg

BetrayalI don’t think there is anything in the world that cuts, tears, and destroys, quite like betrayal.

Words can't do justice to the pain. When betrayl comes from someone who is close to you, and one you thought you could trust, it does unspeakable damage. I speak from personal experience, and I know that without the help of Jesus, I would still be mired in the pain, and bittterness, that took me years to walk out of.

After wriing this I began to reflect on the fact that Jesus was also betrayed by those who were close to Him. Judas betrayed Him for 30 pieces of silver, and Peter denied Him three times the night of His arrest, which to me would be the same as betrayal. I guess there is comfort in knowing that He experienced the same, if not greater pain than I did, and is available for me to go to.   

I feel for all who have gone through the heart-wrenching pain of betryal, and my prayer is that you can come to the place of trusting Jesus with the  pain, and forgiving those who caused it. 


A knife that cuts deep
A span I can’t leap
“Eh tu Brute’
Trust, broken, and lost
Immeasurable cost
What did you say?
It must be a dream
Emotions that scream
Someone must pay
Now, darkness has come
Empty and numb
What did you gain?
And time marches on
Innocence gone
Never the same
I need to forgive
I want to live
Show me the way
Though years have gone by
Still wonder why
Things went that way