By Karl Berg

The clarion is a medieval horn used to command people's attention“There’s a warning going out in the spirit. Don’t refuse the One who speaks. Whatever can be shaken will be shaken, in orderawakenthose who sleep.”(From the song ‘Obedience’, by Karl Berg. Scripture reference; Hebrews 12:25-27

June 27, 2015, as I was walking beside Head Lake in Haliburton, the Lord said to me “I’m going to talk to you about  A Clarion Call.”

Over the next couple of days He revealed to me what He wanted me to see. 

A Clarion, is a medieval trumpet with no valves, and has a clear shrill sound. It was used to command the people’s attention. 

A Clarion call today is defined as “A strongly expressed demand or request for action.”

An example of this would be "the British are coming, the British are coming" Paul Revere's cry as he rode through the night.

Another example would be a person receives a call from the Lord to enter ministry of some kind. A response of some kind is required.

In September the Lord instructed me to put together a group of songs and record a CD entitled "A Clarion Call". It's purpose is to serve as both a warning and a wake-up call to the Church / Body of Christ. When I compiled the songs together, I could see, and hear the message He wanted to convey. 

Judgement is coming to the house of God (1Pe.4:17) and the Lord is 'sounding the trumpet'. How we respond to it is up to us, but as the Word says He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church. (Rev. 3:6)