By Linda Bell

Transformation is a process.......The butterfly, to me, speaks of freedom and beauty and reminds me of the process of transformation that the caterpillar goes through as it transitions into the beautiful creature God created it to be.

I believe this is a picture of God's heart for each one of us.  He never meant for us to be earth-bound like the caterpillar.  He created us to fly free like the butterfly, to soar on colourful gossamer wings and to dance in the light of His love. Jn. 10:10

This is part of our destiny as children of God.  It is a picture of what God wants to do in our hearts as we learn to trust Him and to surrender our lives to Him.

Transformation is a process.  It doesn't happen overnight.  It involves change and being willing to be changed by God's love.  It involves struggle and surrender as we learn to die to self and to live for God.

It is change at the deepest level possible for a human being.  It involves a letting go of our old nature and receiving God's Divine nature and attributes.    

It's all about us falling head-over-heels in love with God, our Father and Jesus, His Son and can only happen when we are completely sold out for Him.

It involves acceptance of ourselves as the frail imperfect human beings we are and fully embracing our humanity, as well as our Divinity and His Sovereignty.

Transformation speaks of becoming whole, nothing missing, nothing broken.  It means seeing ourselves as God sees us, not as we see ourselves, nor as others see us.  Because of the blood of Jesus, God sees us as perfect in His sight.

Transformation also involves us being able to see God as He really is, and knowing who we are  in relation to Him.  This may take a paradigm shift if we ourselves have been the centre of our lives but it brings great relief and freedom to know that He's in charge and we no longer have to be.

As the caterpillar is changed into the butterfly, during the cocoon stage it completely turns to goo.  That's what happens to us as God's children when we allow His love to permeate and melt our hearts for Him.  During this stage He becomes our all-in-all.  We willingly become putty in His hands as He moulds and shapes us into something beautiful.

Even our physical appearance changes.  People may comment that our countenance has changed.  To them we look different.  They may see light in our eyes.  We may have a glow and a softness to our faces that they can't explain.

It is not always easy for us in the transition stage because our old nature is to resist change and change can feel painful to our soul [our mind, our will, and our emotions].  During this stage, a battle ensues between our soul and our spirit as to who will win out.  .The battle is really over our will. The question to be resolved, once and for all, is "Are we willing to have God line up our will with our spirit and with His will and with His Spirit?

Once the battle is won and the question decided, our spirit, like the butterfly, is free to soar to new heights with God's Holy Spirit and to experience God's unconditional Agape love on a level we could never before even think or imagine!

Then we can fly high, fly free and be all that we can be, as we allow the wind of His Spirit to carry us on His everlasting wings of love.