By Karl Berg

 Faith chooses to have a relationship with GodDown through the years there has been a lot of teaching and preaching about faith. What is it? Is it real? How do you do it? All good questions. I don’t claim to be an expert on this subject, but I want to add my thoughts on it.

What is it? Simple definition.... Believing what we can’t see.

We use faith all the time. We use faith when we drive a car, for if we didn’t believe that the car was safe, we wouldn’t get in it. We have faith that the brakes are going to stop us or we wouldn’t travel at 100 km per hour... Faith is an action, whether toward something or someone. What we do with it is our choice. Faith is like a muscle...the more it is used, (or exercised) the more it will grow. The more we exercise or faith toward something or someone, the more we learn to ‘trust’, as our faith is proven out. Another way of saying ‘trust’ is that we ‘have faith’ in the brakes to stop us.

Faith toward God is no different. As we learn to trust the brakes in our car, we need to learn to trust God. As we learn to drive a car, it can be said that we develop a relationship with that vehicle, or we become familiar with how it functions. 

Heb. 11:6  says without faith, we can’t please God, but we must first believe that He is, (have faith) and that He rewards of all who seek Him.

If we want to drive properly, we must apply ourselves appropriately. 

For those who went through ‘Driver’s Ed‘   we received both in class, and practical teaching on how to drive, but it didn’t matter how well we did in the classroom, if we couldn’t apply the teaching practically. The same can be said about a relationship with God. 

We can be taught everything there is to know about the car / God,  but unless we get behind the wheel / choose to engage, we will never experience the relationship. 

Faith chooses to have a relationship with the car. Faith chooses to have a relationship with God. There are no short cuts to either one.

The more we communicate with the car (spend time) the more intimate (familiar) with the car we become. The more time we spend with God, the more intimate we’ll become with Him.

Again, we must believe first before we even begin to seek a relationship with Him.

Everyone’s relationship with the car will be unique. Everyone’s relationship with God will and should be unique as well. We can glean knowledge from one another, but we need to pursue the relationship on our own. 

Faith is personal, no one can have faith for us. 

Faith Is