Speak To The Mountain

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Speak To The Mountain
In this world it is said that nothing is for sure
We are told there are things that we simply must endure
The sickness and the pain, accept what we cannot change
Yet Jesus said there is a better way.
Speak to the mountain and it shall be removed
Stand on My Word and there’ll be nothing that you can’t do
Whatever the trial or the circumstance, no matter what you’re going through
Speak to the mountain and it shall be removed.
It’s the Word of the Lord that causes all things to be
But we must know it in our hearts before we even speak
Then those things we truly believe, when we speak we shall receive
For faith is being sure of the things that can’t be seen..... Jesus said
So when the storms of life are raging all around
When the waves get high and it feels like you’re going to drown
Where there seems to be no way, speak words of faith
And make the circumstance line up with the things you say....for Jesus said
Written by Karl Berg © 2014