Ask Of Me

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Ask Of Me
I’ve heard it said before, oh so many times
God helps those who help themselves... it’s just a line
For there is only so much we can do, talent only goes so far
He never meant for us to strive, but I guess it’s just the way we are.
Jesus said: Ask of me, ask of me
Nothing’s too big, nothing’s too small, just ask of me
Jesus said: Ask of me, ask of me
Whatever your need, I hold the key so ask of me.
For years now we’ve been taught, in order to please the Lord
We need to do, and do, and do, and do, and do some more
Yet it doesn’t matter what we do, for His love remains the same
You see all He’s ever really wanted is for us to call upon His Name.
Now some conditions do apply, if we’re going to receive
We must have faith in Him, oh we must believe
We must learn to walk in love, listen and obey
Remain in Him and let His Word remain in us each day.
Written by Karl Berg © 2014