Living Stones

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Living Stones
We are a royal priesthood, a Holy Nation under God
A chosen generation, a people of His love                       
Called to proclaim the greatness of the One who set us free             
Who brought us out of darkness, into the light where we could see.
There was a time we didn't know Him, a time when we were lost
But God in all His mercy sent Jesus to the cross
To bear within His body both your sin and mine
And anchor the foundation that would last beyond all time.
We are His, we are His alone
Founded firm upon the Cornerstone
Bought with a price, we are not our own
Precious gems, we are Living Stones.
The Stone that the builders rejected, has become the Cornerstone
Jesus Christ the Son of God, to us has been made known
In Him we have forgiveness, in Him we now belong
In Him we are established, and in Him we are made strong.
The invitation has been given, and all who will may come
The gift is offered freely, for the work's already done 
And to all who will receive Him, He gives the right to be called His own
Built on the One foundation, a house of Living Stones.

Writen by Karl Berg © 2014