Through Different Eyes

- Karl Berg
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My most recent album has 2 discs, "The Kingdom" and "The Glory"

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Lyrics : Through Different Eyes
The time has come to open up my eyes, 
The time has come to awake and realize
Things are no longer the same, so I must be willing to change
And let go of all I’ve understood before........
To embrace all that lies beyond the door.
For years I lived with religion as my guide
For years I walked in selfishness and pride
So sure that I knew the way, I couldn’t hear all you had to say
And then You turned my world upside down
Now, in You O Lord I’m found.
I choose to see through different eyes, I choose to be transformed inside
I choose to leave the past behind..... and fly with You.
And as I do I’ll taste and see, things this world can not believe
And I’ll be truly free.......in You.
Circumstances calling out to me
The voice of fear, trying to steal my peace
Still I know if I’m to receive, then I must choose to believe
That everything You’ve ever said is true
And that all my needs O Lord are met in You.
The time has come to open up my eyes
The time has come to let my spirit rise
Put aside what I think and feel, and lay hold of what is real
Walking in a world that never ends
Living to never thirst again.
Written by Karl Berg © 2014