The Way Of Love

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : The Way Of Love
God so loved the world, He sent His Son to die
To pay the price of sin, a redeeming sacrifice
And He who knew no sin, became sin in our place
To bridge the gap created, by Adam’s fall from grace
Jesus came in all submission to the Father’s plan
But how He lived the way He did is hard to understand
For though it cost Him everything, He gave all He had to give
Destroying the power of sin and death, so you and I could live.
This is the way of love, this is the way of love
Walking in obedience to the Lord
This is the way of love, this is the way of love
Reaching out, to touch, heal and restore.
In this world of independence, selfishness and pride
Somehow we’ve forgotten, we’re supposed to die
Looking to the needs of others, without looking to ourselves
Learning how to count the cost when someone needs our help.
Jesus went before us, He prepared the way
Now His Holy Spirit comes to us each day
And it’s our choice to listen, honor and obey
The road may be marked with suffering, but oh the reward is great.