Peace On Earth

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Peace On Earth
I remember that day in the garden, the tempting of Adam, and Eve
I wanted to stop what was happening, but the Lord said “don’t intervene
They know the things I have told them, so the choice must be theirs to make”
So I watched them take the apple, and I watched them fall from grace.
Fast forward through the centuries and the world’s now steeped in sin
And in spite of all the Lord does for man, they still turn away from Him
But He told me He’s devised a plan that will see this battle won
He’ll send a sacrificial lamb, and that lamb will be His Son.....there’ll be 
Peace on earth, peace on earth, 
Glory to God there is peace on earth
Spread the good news, let your voice be heard, 
Glory to God there is peace on earth.
There were shepherds watching o’er their sheep, in the fields that night 
When I appeared, and all around the glory of the Lord shone bright 
At first they only stared at me, in wonder and in awe
Then they cowered low upon the ground, terrified by what they saw
I said do not fear, for I bring you news, good tidings for all men
The Saviour of the world is born tonight in Bethlehem
As a sign for you, you’ll find the babe in a manger stall
And as I spoke an angel choir proclaimed to one and all.
Now many years have come and gone since that amazing night
I watched Him grow from child to man, and then lay down His life
And for three long days I wondered, if this really would be the end
But when He rose victorious from the grave, I could hear the song again.