Just An Ordinary Man

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Just An Ordinary Man
I’m a man, just an ordinary man, one of little consequence            
I’m a man, just an ordinary man, a carpenter from Nazareth
I remember when Mary told me, she was going to have a child
I remember the thoughts and emotions, how they were running wild
We were betrothed to each other, so I wanted to understand
But she kept insisting, she’d never been with a man.
I didn’t want to hurt her, or see her suffer shame
I thought I’d divorce here quietly, and send her away
But as I considered my options, and pondered what I should do
An angel appeared, one night in a dream, and said I’ve a message for you
Don’t be afraid to take Mary home and make her your wife
For the child conceived within her is the Son of the Most High
You are to name Him Jesus, He’ll save His people from their sins
Im-man-u-el, God with us, is what they’ll say of Him
Nearly nine months later a decree came out of Rome
A census would be taken, every man must return to his home
We had to go to Bethlehem, a three day journey away
I knew it would be hard for Mary, but I never heard her complain
When we arrived in the city, there were people everywhere
I knew had to find some shelter, for Mary’s time was near
But there was no room at the inn, I didn’t know what to do
But then the innkeeper said “it isn’t much” but I might have something for you.
He led us to out to the stable, which was little more than a cave
It didn’t smell the greatest, but we were grateful anyway
And what seemed like only moments later, our little boy was born
Mary placed Him in a manger, wrapped in cloths to keep Him warm.
Then to my amazement, I turned around and saw
Shepherds approaching the manger, kneeling down in awe
They told me about the angel, and everything that he said
And I knew deep down inside me, things would never be the same again.