"O Bethlehem"

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : "O Bethlehem"
I grew up in this town of Bethlehem
It’s the only place I’ve ever known, the only place I’ve been
Everyone knows each other, so it’s impossible to hide
I grew up in this town, and it’s probably where I’ll die
They tell stories of what happened here long ago
How a little shepherd boy killed a giant with a sling and a stone
He who was the least became ruler over all
Bethlehem, David’s city, you are called
“O Bethlehem in the land of Judah
You are by no means the least
For out of you there will come a Ruler
Who will be a shepherd for my sheep.”
I’m just an innkeeper’s wife in this town
The work is long and hard, but I enjoy the people who come round
Everyone has a story of the places they have been
Through their eyes I can travel, through their stories I can dream.
Now I remember when the soldiers came that day
A decree was read, that a census would be taken right away
I knew it would be good for business, but what I couldn’t see
It would bring fulfillment, to an age old prophecy.
One night there came a knocking at the door
But by then the inn was full, there was no room for more
I heard the man ask my husband for shelter of any kind
You see his wife was due to have her child, and it could be any time.
I said “husband what about the cave
I could lay a bed of straw, and help her in any way”
So he took them to the stable, I brought blankets to keep her warm
And then a while later, her little boy was born.