I Will Shine My Light

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : I Will Shine My Light
Every one is special, unique in their own way
Created for a purpose, there are no mistakes
From the smallest to the greatest, He loves them all the same
He brings them out one by one, and calls them forth by name.
I can still remember the day I came to be
I heard a voice from all around calling out to me
Awake my little chosen one it’s time to shine your light
Announce to all creation, the Saviour’s born tonight.
As He spoke these words to me I began to sing
A song of adoration, fashioned for a King
And as I sang I could to see a pure and  radiant light
Shining from within me, and lighting up the night.
I will shine my light for the King
I will lift my voice, and with all my heart I’ll sing
For the Ruler of the universe is at peace with man once more
So I will shine my light, and sing unto the Lord.
The more I sang, the stronger the light became in me
Shining ever brighter,  for all the world to see
Calling their attention to the One who was below
A beacon in the heavens for all who’d want to know.
Following my light, three kings from the east
Traveled unto Bethlehem to worship at His feet
For two long years they journeyed not knowing who they’d find
Until at last they stood before the Saviour of mankind.