The Cradle To The Cross

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : The Cradle To The Cross
At Christmas we remember the day Christ came to earth
How the shepherds and the angels proclaimed his holy birth
How wise men came traveling, bearing treasures from afar
Following the guiding light of a bright new shining star.
Yet we somehow fail to mention just why Jesus came
At Christmas we don’t talk about the price he had to pay
But long before the foundation of the earth was ever laid
Jesus Christ laid down his life, the Lamb for sinners slain.
Celebrate the cradle to the cross
Celebrate the gift, celebrate the cost
For one without the other, the significance is lost
Celebrate the cradle to the cross.
With every gift that’s given, someone pays a price
From the smallest to the greatest, there is a sacrifice
Well God so loved this whole wide world, that He gave his Son to die
So that all who would believe in him would have eternal life.
So as we prepare for Christmas, and all that it will bring
Let us take some time to honour our Saviour and our King
Born in a lowly stable, laid in a manger stall
Crucified, raised from the dead, now King and Lord of all.