The Cradle To The Cross

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My desire in writing this production, was to present a more real picture of the first Christmas through the eyes of those who lived it.

Although there is certainly some poetic licence used, I tried to stay as close to the historical, and Biblical accounts. It was also my desire to present the whole story of Christmas...that Jesus was born to die....and that without this information the significance of His birth is lessened. It truly is an amazing story and really does bring home the message of how much we are loved by God the Father.

May you be blessed as you listen...

Karl Berg 2011

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Lyrics : The Cradle To The Cross
At Christmas we remember the day Christ came to earth
How the shepherds and the angels proclaimed his holy birth
How wise men came traveling, bearing treasures from afar
Following the guiding light of a bright new shining star.
Yet we somehow fail to mention just why Jesus came
At Christmas we don’t talk about the price he had to pay
But long before the foundation of the earth was ever laid
Jesus Christ laid down his life, the Lamb for sinners slain.
Celebrate the cradle to the cross
Celebrate the gift, celebrate the cost
For one without the other, the significance is lost
Celebrate the cradle to the cross.
With every gift that’s given, someone pays a price
From the smallest to the greatest, there is a sacrifice
Well God so loved this whole wide world, that He gave his Son to die
So that all who would believe in him would have eternal life.
So as we prepare for Christmas, and all that it will bring
Let us take some time to honour our Saviour and our King
Born in a lowly stable, laid in a manger stall
Crucified, raised from the dead, now King and Lord of all.

Lyrics : Unto Us
He shall be called Wonderful Counselor 
And the wisdom of the ages shall be His.
He shall be called, Wonderful Counselor
And the people will stand in awe and marvel at this.
He shall be called the Great and Mighty King
And all authority will be His alone
He shall be called the Great and Mighty King
And all the nations of the earth will bow before His throne.
For unto us a child is born, to us a Son is given
One like the world has never seen before
Unto us a child is born, to us a Son is given
And He will rule and reign forevermore.
He shall be called Everlasting Father
Compassion and love will flow from His hand
He shall be called Everlasting Father
And there will never be an orphan or outcast in the land.
He shall be called the Prince of Peace
All war and strife will come to an end                       
He shall be called the Prince of Peace
And His world will be one where the lion will lie with the lamb.

Lyrics : I Will Shine My Light
Every one is special, unique in their own way
Created for a purpose, there are no mistakes
From the smallest to the greatest, He loves them all the same
He brings them out one by one, and calls them forth by name.
I can still remember the day I came to be
I heard a voice from all around calling out to me
Awake my little chosen one it’s time to shine your light
Announce to all creation, the Saviour’s born tonight.
As He spoke these words to me I began to sing
A song of adoration, fashioned for a King
And as I sang I could to see a pure and  radiant light
Shining from within me, and lighting up the night.
I will shine my light for the King
I will lift my voice, and with all my heart I’ll sing
For the Ruler of the universe is at peace with man once more
So I will shine my light, and sing unto the Lord.
The more I sang, the stronger the light became in me
Shining ever brighter,  for all the world to see
Calling their attention to the One who was below
A beacon in the heavens for all who’d want to know.
Following my light, three kings from the east
Traveled unto Bethlehem to worship at His feet
For two long years they journeyed not knowing who they’d find
Until at last they stood before the Saviour of mankind. 

Lyrics : "O Bethlehem"
I grew up in this town of Bethlehem
It’s the only place I’ve ever known, the only place I’ve been
Everyone knows each other, so it’s impossible to hide
I grew up in this town, and it’s probably where I’ll die
They tell stories of what happened here long ago
How a little shepherd boy killed a giant with a sling and a stone
He who was the least became ruler over all
Bethlehem, David’s city, you are called
“O Bethlehem in the land of Judah
You are by no means the least
For out of you there will come a Ruler
Who will be a shepherd for my sheep.”
I’m just an innkeeper’s wife in this town
The work is long and hard, but I enjoy the people who come round
Everyone has a story of the places they have been
Through their eyes I can travel, through their stories I can dream.
Now I remember when the soldiers came that day
A decree was read, that a census would be taken right away
I knew it would be good for business, but what I couldn’t see
It would bring fulfillment, to an age old prophecy.
One night there came a knocking at the door
But by then the inn was full, there was no room for more
I heard the man ask my husband for shelter of any kind
You see his wife was due to have her child, and it could be any time.
I said “husband what about the cave
I could lay a bed of straw, and help her in any way”
So he took them to the stable, I brought blankets to keep her warm
And then a while later, her little boy was born.

Lyrics : Just An Ordinary Man
I’m a man, just an ordinary man, one of little consequence            
I’m a man, just an ordinary man, a carpenter from Nazareth
I remember when Mary told me, she was going to have a child
I remember the thoughts and emotions, how they were running wild
We were betrothed to each other, so I wanted to understand
But she kept insisting, she’d never been with a man.
I didn’t want to hurt her, or see her suffer shame
I thought I’d divorce here quietly, and send her away
But as I considered my options, and pondered what I should do
An angel appeared, one night in a dream, and said I’ve a message for you
Don’t be afraid to take Mary home and make her your wife
For the child conceived within her is the Son of the Most High
You are to name Him Jesus, He’ll save His people from their sins
Im-man-u-el, God with us, is what they’ll say of Him
Nearly nine months later a decree came out of Rome
A census would be taken, every man must return to his home
We had to go to Bethlehem, a three day journey away
I knew it would be hard for Mary, but I never heard her complain
When we arrived in the city, there were people everywhere
I knew had to find some shelter, for Mary’s time was near
But there was no room at the inn, I didn’t know what to do
But then the innkeeper said “it isn’t much” but I might have something for you.
He led us to out to the stable, which was little more than a cave
It didn’t smell the greatest, but we were grateful anyway
And what seemed like only moments later, our little boy was born
Mary placed Him in a manger, wrapped in cloths to keep Him warm.
Then to my amazement, I turned around and saw
Shepherds approaching the manger, kneeling down in awe
They told me about the angel, and everything that he said
And I knew deep down inside me, things would never be the same again.

Lyrics : Peace On Earth
I remember that day in the garden, the tempting of Adam, and Eve
I wanted to stop what was happening, but the Lord said “don’t intervene
They know the things I have told them, so the choice must be theirs to make”
So I watched them take the apple, and I watched them fall from grace.
Fast forward through the centuries and the world’s now steeped in sin
And in spite of all the Lord does for man, they still turn away from Him
But He told me He’s devised a plan that will see this battle won
He’ll send a sacrificial lamb, and that lamb will be His Son.....there’ll be 
Peace on earth, peace on earth, 
Glory to God there is peace on earth
Spread the good news, let your voice be heard, 
Glory to God there is peace on earth.
There were shepherds watching o’er their sheep, in the fields that night 
When I appeared, and all around the glory of the Lord shone bright 
At first they only stared at me, in wonder and in awe
Then they cowered low upon the ground, terrified by what they saw
I said do not fear, for I bring you news, good tidings for all men
The Saviour of the world is born tonight in Bethlehem
As a sign for you, you’ll find the babe in a manger stall
And as I spoke an angel choir proclaimed to one and all.
Now many years have come and gone since that amazing night
I watched Him grow from child to man, and then lay down His life
And for three long days I wondered, if this really would be the end
But when He rose victorious from the grave, I could hear the song again.

Lyrics : Glory To God In The Highest
I am but a shepherd boy watching o’er the sheep
It’s not my favorite thing to do, but it’s how I earn my keep
Still out here in the open fields beneath a cloudless sky
I must admit that this is where I really feel alive.
I remember another cloudless night not many years ago
We were gathered round the fire trying to beat the cold
When suddenly an angel appeared up in the air
And a light that was brighter than the sun, shone round us everywhere.
I lay there overcome with awe, and didn’t know what to do
Then I heard a voice say do not fear, for I have news for you
The Saviour of the world is born tonight in Bethlehem
And suddenly an angel choir began to sing.
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace goodwill toward men
Glory to God in the highest, Let His name be praised again, and again.
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace goodwill toward men
Glory to God in the highest, Let His name be praised again, and again.
When the angel finished speaking he vanished from our sight
The fear was gone and in it’s place was wonder and delight
We said let us go to Bethlehem and see this wondrous thing
Let us find this Christ child of whom the angels sing.
When we arrived in Bethlehem we found Him in a cave
With a stable full of animals, He was in a manger laid
I wanted to honour Him, but I didn’t have a thing
But then in my heart arose the song, I’d heard the angels sing
Spread the good news everywhere, tell every person you meet
Jesus our Saviour here, God and man are now at peace.

Lyrics : Song Of The Magi
I am a Magi, a king from the east
I study the stars in the heavens, from the greatest to least
Because signs in the heavens speak of things upon the earth
And I remember when the star appeared that hailed the new King’s birth
I said to the other Magi standing there with me
Let us go and find this King, whose star we now can see
Weeks and months we traveled, as the star before us went
And when we came to Jerusalem, we asked everyone we met
Where is He who’s been born King of the Jews?
We have seen His star, and followed it to you
We have come to worship Him, have you any news
Where is He who’s been born King of the Jews?
We were taken to Herod, for he wanted to hear
When exactly we had seen this new star appear
Then he sent us Bethlehem, of whom the prophets tell
He told us to go and find child, so he could worship Him as well.
We found Him with His mother, there in Bethlehem
We opened up our treasures, and knelt to worship Him
Gold, frankincense and myrrh, we placed there at His feet
We knew we had found the One, our journey was complete.
This is He who’s been born King of the Jews 
We have seen His star, and followed it to you
We have come to worship Him, and we will spread the news
This is He who’s been born King of the Jews. 
That night while I was sleeping an angel came to me
He said don’t return to Herod, he’s not all that he seems
He’s jealous, and deceitful, he wants to kill the boy
So we left for home a different way, but our hearts were full of joy.
This is He who was born King of the Jews 
We have seen His star, and now we’re telling you
Let all creation worship Him, everybody spread the news
This is He who was born King of the Jews

Lyrics : Mary's Song
I stand here by my sleeping child, and I still can’t quite believe
Everything that’s happened,   everything I‘ve seen
Still as I reflect on these past few years, and remember what I was told.
I cannot help but marvel at all I’ve seen unfold
His name will be Jesus, the angel said to me...I said
I don’t understand, I’ve not known a man, so how could this possibly be.....he said
The Holy Spirit will over-shadow you, and by Him you’ll conceive.....I said
I am the servant of the Lord, as you’ve said let it be to me.....but
Who am I that I should be the mother of the Lord
Who am I that I was chosen from all the women in this world
Who am I that I should find such favor in His sight
Who am I, who am I, who am I.
I knew I had to tell Joseph, to whom I was betrothed 
I didn’t know what would happen, I knew he could have me stoned
Still I told him about the angel, and all he’d said to me
But I could see from his expression that he did not believe.
But just a few days later Joseph came to me
And told me how an angel had appeared to him in a dream
And confirmed to him that everything I had said was true
Then he took me home to be his wife, and the child within me grew.
Nearly nine months later, a decree came out of Rome
We had to go to Bethlehem, it Joseph’s family home
For three long days we traveled, I was tired, and I was sore
We arrived to find the inn was full, there was no room for more.
As we stood there wondering what to do a voice behind us said
It isn’t much, but in the stable I can make a bed
So he led us to the stable, his wife brought blankets to keep me warm
And a little while later, our little boy was born.
I remember how the shepherds came on bended knee
And how the star shone so bright   for all the world to see
Still later how the Magi brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh
And here I am still marveling at all I’ve seen and heard.

Lyrics : Born To Die
A voice of one calling in the desert “prepare ye the way of the Lord
Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill brought low
The crooked paths shall be made straight, the rugged ways made smooth
And all mankind will see together the Salvation of their God.”
This was my assignment, to prepare the way for Him
And for years I preached the message ‘repent, turn from your sin’
And the day I saw Him coming, I knew inside of me
Here was the Messiah, come to set His people free.
This is the man who was born to die                           
This is the man who will lay down His life
The Perfect Lamb, God’s only Son
Born to die for everyone.
When He came to me to be baptized, I didn’t know what to do
I said “I am not worthy, it is I  who should be baptized by You”
He said “Let it be so for moment, let righteousness be fulfilled
You may not understand it all, but it is my Father’s will..
So I baptized Him in the Jordan, for the forgiveness of sin
Though I knew fully well he was blameless, no fault would found in Him
Then the Holy Spirit descended, and lit on Him like a dove
And I heard a voice from heaven saying “This is my Son, the One I love.
Now everywhere they’re talking of the wonders He’s performed
So I must now become less, He must become more
And He will cause the falling and rising of many in Israel
A Sign that will be spoken against, so hearts will be revealed.

Lyrics : We Are Here To Celebrate
We are here to celebrate to lift our voice and sing
We have here to houour our Saviour and our King
God so loved the world, He sent His Son to earth
So we are here to celebrate, and remember our Saviours birth.
I remember the three day journey on the road to Bethlehem
The way was rough and rocky, it was hard on beast and man
I had to carry Mary, and I could sense she was in pain
Yet through that long hard journey, I never heard her complain.
I remember the night in question, I remember it all
The stable was full of animals, two or three to a stall
I remember the man and the woman, I could see she was in pain
Then I heard a baby cry, and nothing was the same again.
I remember that night on the hillside, when the angel first appeared
I saw a light shine all around, I saw the shepherds shake with fear
I wondered what was happening, I didn’t understand
Then someone said “the Saviour has been born in Bethlehem”
From the sheep out on the hillside, to cattle in the stall
We all bear witness the Saviour came for one and all
This is our story, and with one voice we say
Jesus is reason we celebrate Christmas day.

Lyrics : The Cradle To The Cross (Reprise)