The Way Of Love

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I challenged the Lord four years ago to show me what love was, and how I could live it out practically. I could quote the scriptures, and I had done lots of good deeds, but I knew that these in themselves were”t love. Needless to say it has been an adventure…that in many ways has only begun. 

The simplicity and innocence of the music, (I believe) reflects the heart of the message.

May we be changed more and more into His likeness, as we learn to walk The Way Of Love”

Karl Berg    2007

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Lyrics : The Way Of Love
God so loved the world, He sent His Son to die
To pay the price of sin, a redeeming sacrifice
And He who knew no sin, became sin in our place
To bridge the gap created, by Adam’s fall from grace
Jesus came in all submission to the Father’s plan
But how He lived the way He did is hard to understand
For though it cost Him everything, He gave all He had to give
Destroying the power of sin and death, so you and I could live.
This is the way of love, this is the way of love
Walking in obedience to the Lord
This is the way of love, this is the way of love
Reaching out, to touch, heal and restore.
In this world of independence, selfishness and pride
Somehow we’ve forgotten, we’re supposed to die
Looking to the needs of others, without looking to ourselves
Learning how to count the cost when someone needs our help.
Jesus went before us, He prepared the way
Now His Holy Spirit comes to us each day
And it’s our choice to listen, honor and obey
The road may be marked with suffering, but oh the reward is great.

Lyrics : Seek First
Do not worry about your life, what you will eat, or drink, or wear
Life’s more important than these things, food and clothes are not your care.
Look at the birds up in the sky, they don’t sow or reap or save
Yet your Father feeds them all, are you not worth much more than they?
Seek first the Kingdom of heaven
Seek first the Kingdom of the Lord
Seek first His way of doing things
And all these things shall be yours.
Behold the lilies of the field, they do not labor, spin or sew
Yet their beauty’s unsurpassed, finer than the finest clothes
If this is how God clothes the fields, that bloom and fade away
How much more will He clothe you, O you of little faith?
So do not worry about your life
What you will eat, or drink, or wear
Your Heavenly Father knows your needs
Trust your life into His care....and

Lyrics : Upon this Rock
For years we’ve been searching for the answers 
To things that we can not explain
Where have all the miracles gone to?
And why do so many turn away?
Well our rules, programs, and traditions
Though well meaning have somehow lost their power
What we need is a greater revelation
Of who Jesus is in this very hour.
Upon this rock, I will build my Church
And the gates of hell will not prevail against it.
The revelation, of who I am, will be the Rock on which you stand
And I will give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven
Give you the keys, to unlock every door
And whatever you bind or loose on earth, shall be in Heaven
Nothing will stand in your way anymore.
He’s the Lord our God compassionate and gracious
Long-suffering, faithful to the end
Showing love to a thousand generations
Forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin.
When we begin to realize just Who we’re serving
When we begin to see the greatness of His love
It will change the way we view each other
And His glory will shine through all of us.

Lyrics : Why should we be surprised
Why should we be surprised,   if trials come our way
Why should we be surprised, if we suffer for His name
For suffering and persecution, are for those He accepts as sons
Suffering and persecution is how He disciplines those He loves.
He is God,   He is our Father
He knows what’s best for us, all that we need
Like the potter with the clay, us alone, He can mold and shape
To bring forth a harvest of righteousness and peace.
It’s not pleasant at the time, discipline never is
But it’s the only way, we will be like Him
We are called to share in His sufferings, we’re called to stand the test
It’s for our own good, so we can share in His holiness
His sufferings don’t include sickness and disease
For Jesus bore them all when He died upon the tree
Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father up above
He builds up, He does not destroy, when He disciplines those He loves.
So we should not lose heart when trials come our way
Nor should we be discouraged when we suffer for His name
For we know that as we suffer, He’ll purge our lives of sin
Then from glory unto glory we’ll grow up to be like Him.

Lyrics : Shine His light
We are like a lantern, and Jesus is the light that shines within
And His light shines brightly, as we walk in obedience to Him
But when we turn our own way, when we take our eyes off of Him
Then the glass inside grows cloudy, and what little light shines through is weak and dim.
Shine His light for all the world to see
Shine His light and set the people free
From a world that’s steeped in sin, and far away from Him
Live each day for Jesus, shine His light.
No one lights a lantern, just to take and place it underneath a bowl
But they place it on a lamp-stand, so it’s light can shine throughout the home
You see it’s only in submission, that His light can shine through us so pure and bright
Strong enough to pierce the darkness, and drive back all the powers of the night.
We are like a lantern, and Jesus is the light that shines within
And we are Christ’s ambassadors, called to take His light to every land
For this world is cloaked in darkness, and there are still so many searching for the way
So we must be a beacon, and shine His light forth every day.

Lyrics : He who saves his life will lose it
He who saves his life will lose it. He who loses his life will save it.
A paradox of great proportion, who can really understand.
If we’re going to serve the Master, we must follow in His footsteps
Sharing in His suffering, giving all we have to give.
Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies 
It remains a single seed, it’s life still trapped inside.
But if it falls to the ground and dies, it produces many more seeds
For in the process of it dying, it’s life is then released.
What will you do when temptation calls?
Will you turn away, or will you stay and fall?
The battle’s in your mind,  your choice decides who wins
Are you living for yourself, or are you living for Him?
What will you do when persecution comes?
Will you stand your ground, or will you turn and run?
The choice is yours to make, the road you’re going to take
Are you willing to suffer, to stand for Jesus’ name.
Take up your cross and follow Him
Fix your eyes on Jesus, the only way you’re going to win.

Lyrics : The time has come to die
The time has come to die
The time has come for the glory of the Lord to shine
We must be holy, so we must be refined
The time has come, the time has come to die.
The time has come to die
The time has come to leave the things of the world behind
Put off the deeds of darkness, clothe ourselves with light
The time has come, the time has come to die.
The time has come to die. 
The time has come to lay down our lives
To count everything as lost, for the sake of gaining Christ
The time has come, the time has come to die.
The time has come to die
The time has come to lay down our pride
Humble ourselves before Him, and open our hearts up wide
The time has come, the time has come to die.
The time has come to die
The time has come to make the sacrifice
It must be all or nothing, in part will not suffice
The time has come the time has come to die.
Throw off everything that hinders, and the sin that so easily entangles
Let’s run with perseverance the race marked out for us
We must fix our eyes on Jesus, and let His love-light lead us.... for 
The time has come, the time has come to die.
The time has come, the time has come to die.

Lyrics : Who Is Your Neighbour
An expert of the Law one day came to Jesus and he asked
“Teacher, what must I do to get eternal life?”
Jesus said “what is written in the law, how does it read?”
The expert of the law replied, “that’s basic as can be.”
“Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, mind, soul and strength
Love your neighbor as yourself, is what the law decrees
Jesus said” you are correct, do this and you will live”
But then he asked “who is my neighbour” so Jesus said to him.
Who is your neighbour, look around and see
The lost and hurting people who are longing to be free
Will you make a difference, will you pay the price
One moment of compassion, can change somebody’s life...
Then Jesus told this story:
A certain man was traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho
When he fell among thieves who robbed him, and stripped him of his clothes
They beat him without mercy, half-dead they left him there
Drifting in and out of consciousness, would anybody care.
A little while later a Priest came walking by
But when he saw the man he passed by on the other side
Still later came a Levite, who also did the same
Passing by on the other side, ignoring the cries of pain
But then came a Samaritan, and when he saw the man
His heart was moved with pity, so he stopped to lend a hand
He bound his wounds then on his donkey took him to an inn
Where he paid to have him cared for till he was whole again.
When He finished Jesus said “now tell me if you can
Of these three which one was a neighbor to this man”
“The one who showed him mercy, who met him in his need”
Jesus said “go and do likewise, for in this is God’s love seen.”

Lyrics : Love just isn't love
He faced his executioners with a smile on his face
Though his life was ending, he knew he’d run the race
The time had come at last to lay his tired body down
Soon he’d be receiving that long awaited crown.
It didn’t seem that long ago, he was standing in their place
executing Christians who would not deny their faith
At the time he couldn’t understand why they would choose to die
And when he asked the question, this was their reply.
Love just isn’t love, until it stands the test
Love just isn’t love, until it gives the best
Love has no limits, love knows no bounds
Love is always seeking to bring light to all around.
The more he watched the more he saw things he could not explain
How could they ask forgiveness for the one’s who caused them pain
And why did they not try to fight or resist him in some way
But the more he asked the questions, the more he heard them say.
God so loved the whole wide world, He sent his Son to die
He’d heard the story many times but he thought it was a lie
It all seemed so impossible, it made no sense in any way
But that all changed forever when he heard the Savior say.
He faced his executioners with a smile on his face
Still in awe and wonder at God’s amazing grace
His life had come full circle, and now he’d reached the end
When they asked him “any last words” this is what he said.

Lyrics : The Two Shall Be As One
The two shall be as one. The two shall be as one
A man and a woman in a covenant of love.
The Lord placed the man inside the garden.... and He saw
It wasn’t good that he should be alone.
So He said “I will make for him a helper...
Flesh of his flesh, bone of his bone.”
Then the Lord brought a deep sleep upon him
And gently opened up his side
From a rib the Lord fashioned woman
Then brought her to the man to be his bride.
The two shall be as one, the two shall be as one
A mystery birthed in heaven by the Father, Spirit, Son
The two shall be as one. The two shall be as one
A man and a woman in a covenant of love.
And so it’s been, on down through the ages
That a man should leave his mother and his home
And be joined to his wife, one flesh together
United in this covenant of love.
As you stand before Him now, in His presence
You need to know, He planned this from the start
For before you were conceived, He knew all about you
And it’s He who placed this love within your hearts.
The two shall be as one, the two shall be as one
A man and a woman in a covenant of love.

Lyrics : You Made A Vow
Marriage is a covenant between a woman and a man
An institution born of God, part of the Master’s plan
A life-long commitment, the union of two hearts
On a journey ‘till death do us part.’
When the honeymoon is over, and the years have slipped on by
When life’s become predictable, and the passion has run dry
When someone else comes calling and you’re tempted to stray
Remember the covenant you made.
You made a vow, promising to love one another
You made a vow, a covenant no man should ever sever
You made a vow, for better or for worse, you made a vow
For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health
As long as you both shall live, you made a vow.
When the storm clouds gather, when the thunder starts to roll
When waves of strife come crashing, and heartache takes it’s toll
When you’re tired of all the fighting, and you want to walk away
Remember the covenant you made.
When your partner has been unfaithful, when you have been betrayed
When everything you feel inside wants to make them pay
When you want to make them suffer for all the grief and pain
Remember the covenant you made.
So in spite of every circumstance, no matter how things seem
Nothing is impossible for those who will believe
Faithful is He who called you, He will make a way
When you remember the covenant you made.

Lyrics : I Choose To Forgive
The Wisdom of God is foolishness to man
The way of life he doesn’t understand
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
Demanding justice, without looking at the truth.
But what we do not understand, what we fail to see
It’s that very justice that prevents us getting free
Cause when we choose to hold on to the injury and pain
Bitterness takes root and binds us with it’s chains..... so 
I choose to forgive, I choose to let go
I choose to leave behind this struggle in my soul
Though I may never understand, still one thing I know
I’m free when I forgive, I’m free when I let go.
Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay
Just leave it in my hands, let me do things my own way
Forgive, and you’re forgiven, give and you’ll receive
There’s mercy and freedom for all who come to me....so
I will walk in freedom every day
I will not let bitterness take root and stay....because

Lyrics : Daddy, I Love You
I know You’re here, cause You promised to me
You’d never change, You’d never leave
Here by my side, You’re talking to me
There’s nowhere else, I’d rather be.
So many years, searching in vain
Trying to find a cure for the pain
Formula driven, I couldn’t see
You were here all the time, waiting for me
Daddy, I love You
I Don’t know why I didn’t see it this way before
Daddy, I love You
Every day, just a little bit more.
Storms all around, waves crashing in
Visions of failure, temptations to sin
Your banner of love, protects me from harm
Safe and secure, I rest in Your arms.
I know You’re here, Your peace I can feel
You’re presence surrounds me, so warm, and so real
You’re all I want, all I’ll ever need
Thank you my Father, for first loving me.

Lyrics : Your Ways
Lord you never turn away, no matter what I do
You said you came to stay, and I’ve found your Word is true
But I don’t understand this grace you give each day
For I know I don’t deserve your love in any way.
I’ve known of you for years, from the time I was a child
And I believed in you, when I was running wild
You were always there for me, even when I caused you pain
Lord I don’t understand why you never turned away....but 
Your ways are higher than my ways
Your thoughts above my thoughts
As high as the heavens are from the earth
So are your ways above mine.
I’ve said it many times, a thousand maybe more
All I have and all I am, I surrender to you Lord
But then I turn around and see, my behaviour hasn’t changed
No I don’t understand, why you never turn away......but
So I give you all my praise, it’s the least that I can do
Every night and every day, I will worship you
You’re my one desire, for you I want to live
Still I know that you deserve, more than I can give.....oh

Lyrics : You Are My Shepherd
If I were to look on all my circumstance
I am sure that I would start to fear
So instead I choose to look on all your promises
For they remind me Lord that you are near.
You are my Shepherd, I shall not want
In pastures green O Lord you lay me down
Beside still waters you leadeth me
And restore my soul when I am down.
Every day brings new and different challenges
But every day you show me something new
So even when the storms are raging all around
I know there is nothing you can’t do.
In paths of righteousness you guide my feet
And lead me in the way I ought to go
And through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear
Your rod and staff they comfort me alone.
Hallelujah, hallelujah, Lord your love has set me free
Hallelujah, hallelujah, you are all I’ll ever need.
Now there are things that I still do not understand
And there are things that I still cannot see
But I believe your Word, and all your promises
And I believe you’ve planned my destiny.
You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies
You anoint my head with oil, my cup overflows
Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life
And I will dwell in your house forevermore.