Through Different Eyes - Disc 2 - The Glory

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The concept of seeing through different eyes came to me when the Lord challenged me to begin to see things His way...Over the past couple of years I have discovered that everything about the Kingdom of Heaven is a paradox....”The first shall be last, and the last shall be first” , “He who saves his life will lose it, He who loses his life for my sake will find it” etc...  

We need to see through different eyes if we are going to come to know Him in the way we need to.... These songs reflect my journey over the past few years, and it is my prayer that as you listen to the message, your eyes will be opened to see in a new and different way....

Karl Berg 2014

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Lyrics : It's Time To Believe
It’s time to believe, time to open our eyes wake up and receive
It’s time to believe, time to throw off the fear, and embrace every dream
Lift our banner of hope, lift it high, let wave in the breeze
For now is the time, now is the time to believe.
Now is the time for expectation
Now is the time for manifestation
The seeds that we planted so long ago
They have grown, they have grown.
Everything’s today there’s no tomorrow
Shake off the past, yesterday’s sorrow
Even now the sun is on the rise
See how it shines, see how it shines
Written by Karl Berg © 2014

Lyrics : Living Stones
We are a royal priesthood, a Holy Nation under God
A chosen generation, a people of His love                       
Called to proclaim the greatness of the One who set us free             
Who brought us out of darkness, into the light where we could see.
There was a time we didn't know Him, a time when we were lost
But God in all His mercy sent Jesus to the cross
To bear within His body both your sin and mine
And anchor the foundation that would last beyond all time.
We are His, we are His alone
Founded firm upon the Cornerstone
Bought with a price, we are not our own
Precious gems, we are Living Stones.
The Stone that the builders rejected, has become the Cornerstone
Jesus Christ the Son of God, to us has been made known
In Him we have forgiveness, in Him we now belong
In Him we are established, and in Him we are made strong.
The invitation has been given, and all who will may come
The gift is offered freely, for the work's already done 
And to all who will receive Him, He gives the right to be called His own
Built on the One foundation, a house of Living Stones.

Writen by Karl Berg © 2014

Lyrics : Ask Of Me
I’ve heard it said before, oh so many times
God helps those who help themselves... it’s just a line
For there is only so much we can do, talent only goes so far
He never meant for us to strive, but I guess it’s just the way we are.
Jesus said: Ask of me, ask of me
Nothing’s too big, nothing’s too small, just ask of me
Jesus said: Ask of me, ask of me
Whatever your need, I hold the key so ask of me.
For years now we’ve been taught, in order to please the Lord
We need to do, and do, and do, and do, and do some more
Yet it doesn’t matter what we do, for His love remains the same
You see all He’s ever really wanted is for us to call upon His Name.
Now some conditions do apply, if we’re going to receive
We must have faith in Him, oh we must believe
We must learn to walk in love, listen and obey
Remain in Him and let His Word remain in us each day.
Written by Karl Berg © 2014

Lyrics : Speak To The Mountain
In this world it is said that nothing is for sure
We are told there are things that we simply must endure
The sickness and the pain, accept what we cannot change
Yet Jesus said there is a better way.
Speak to the mountain and it shall be removed
Stand on My Word and there’ll be nothing that you can’t do
Whatever the trial or the circumstance, no matter what you’re going through
Speak to the mountain and it shall be removed.
It’s the Word of the Lord that causes all things to be
But we must know it in our hearts before we even speak
Then those things we truly believe, when we speak we shall receive
For faith is being sure of the things that can’t be seen..... Jesus said
So when the storms of life are raging all around
When the waves get high and it feels like you’re going to drown
Where there seems to be no way, speak words of faith
And make the circumstance line up with the things you say....for Jesus said
Written by Karl Berg © 2014

Lyrics : Faith Without Works
Where is the good in a man who claims to have faith but has no deeds
Who sees a man hungry, wishes him well but does nothing to meet the need
Can such a faith save him? Does it have any worth? Or is it really faith at all?
Faith is more than what we think or believe, it’s obeying the Master’s call.
Faith without works is dead
Faith without works is just religion instead
For if what we believe, cannot be seen
Faith without works is dead.
God came to Abraham one day to prove that he really believed
He said “take your son Isaac to the top of the mountain, there sacrifice him for me”
Now Abraham believed God could raise the dead, so he was not afraid
To do everything that he had been asked, his action showed his faith.
Rahab was a prostitute in Jericho when the two spies came to her
They said “ if you will hide us we’ll guarantee your safety when we return”
Rahab believed and trusted the men for she had heard what the Lord had done
She hid them for days, then helped them escape, her actions and faith were one.
Now as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is the same
We need to take a closer look at the way we live our lives each day
For if we cannot reach out in love to those who are in need
 How will we ever answer the call to “step out and believe.”
Witten by Karl Berg © 2014

Lyrics : Sound Of Abundance
Holy Spirit, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision suddenly appeared, casting shadows of what might be this year
And this vision that was planted in my brain, (x2) spoke of rain 
In the sound of abundance
As the vision did unfold, things were symbolically for-told 
I saw water flowing like a flood, overwhelming everything it touched
For the dams that once had stood had fallen down, (x2) to the ground
Amidst the sound of abundance
Then in the naked light I saw, kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall
Circumstances in the world of men, things that were that will never be again
Traditions and forms that had stood for many years, (x2) I saw disappear
Within the sound of abundance
Lord I said, I need to know, will all I’ve seen really unfold
What about those who are unaware, or even those who maybe aren’t prepared
He said “It’s not yours to know all that will be, (x2) you just follow Me
For there’s a sound of abundance”
Oh may we all have ears to hear, may we respond in faith, not fear
May we have the grace to comprehend, what will be, will never be again
For His blessing and His judgement will flow as one, (x2) until it’s done
There’s a sound of abundance.
Written by Karl Berg © 2014

Lyrics : Suddenly
In the blink of an eye, in a moment of time...suddenly (echo)
We will be changed, and never the same...suddenly (echo)
As the lightning streaks across the sky, piercing the darkness and lighting the night
We will see through different eyes....suddenly.
In the blink of an eye, in a moment of time...suddenly (echo)
All that we’ve known will be overthrown...suddenly (echo)
Religion and pride will be brought low, as the power of God begins to flow
And all doubt and fear will be deposed.....suddenly.
Suddenly will come when we least expect it
Suddenly will change our whole perspective
What once was up, will now be down, what once was flat, will now be round
What once was shaky, will now be sound.....suddenly.
In the blink of an eye, in a moment of time...suddenly (echo)
All of creation once more will be shaken.....suddenly (echo)
The harvest will come of all that's been done, there'll be no escape, no place to run
The powers of hell will be undone...suddenly
In the blink of an eye, in a moment of time...suddenly (echo)
The Kingdom we'll see, a reality.....suddenly (echo)
Refined in the fire, we'll shine His light, we'll walk by faith and not by sight
Yes we will see through different eyes....suddenly
Written by Karl Berg © 2014

Lyrics : I Believe In Suddenly
Holding to the promises that you have given me
Trying to not be moved by what I feel, and what I see
For what may seem impossible to the learned mind
Is merely just a blink away, a moment etched in time.
I know that you paid the price, to take away our sin
I also know that in that price we were made whole again
It's written in Your Word, and Your Word is very clear
We've been made complete in You, Love's removed all fear...so
I believe in suddenly, cause I believe in You
I believe that in a moments time, what's old can be made new
You're the God of restoration, there's nothing You can't do
I believe in suddenly, cause I believe in You
With You all things are possible, this I know is true
Faith can move a mountain, if that faith is based in You
It may take days, or months, or years, but it will come to pass
Your Word can't come back empty, cause It was made to last.
So with the dawn of each new day, O Lord I look to you
I thank for Your promises, I thank You for Your Truth
I thank You that You've made a way, for me to stand and fight
And for that moment etched in time, when my faith shall be sight.

Written by Karl Berg © 2014

Lyrics : Who Are We Serving
The Lord is calling to His people,  
“Repent, for the Kingdom is at hand”
We’re running out of time, He’s coming to refine, 
Do we know where we truly stand.
Everything concealed will be uncovered, 
Every whispered secret disclosed
Every hidden sin, buried deep within, 
Will be brought into the light and exposed....so tell me
Who–o–o are we serving
Who are we really living for 
It’s time to take an inventory   
Open up our lives before the Lord.
The Lord is coming to His temple, 
One day, He’ll suddenly appear
What will we do, when His glory shines on through, 
Will we turn to Him, or run away in fear  
If we will humbly bow before Him, 
Like soap He’ll come and scrub the dirt away
But if we try to hide, and cover up our pride, 
He’ll come as fire and burn it all away....So tell me
The Lord is calling to His people
“Repent, for the Kingdom is at hand”
The choice is ours today, will we listen and obey
Will we be the ones to take a stand..... Oh tell me
Written by Karl Berg © 2014

Lyrics : It's Time
It’s time for restoration to begin
It’s time to bring the old into the new
It’s time to open doors long forgotten
It’s time to preach a word that’s sure and true.
It’s time for blinded eyes to be opened
It’s time to heal the sick and cure the lame
It’s time to take a stand and not be shaken
It’s time to live the power of Jesus’ Name.
It’s time forlight to shine in darkness
It’s time to awake to all we were meant to be
It’s time to throw off the yoke of oppression  
It’s time to fulfill our destiny,It’s time to fulfill our destiny
It’s time for seeds long planted to harvest
It’s time to be a shelter from the storm
It’s time to see the Word revealed in fullness
It’s time to rise and make the Kingdom known
It’s time for age old questions to be answered
It’s time to read the writing on the wall
It’s time to be a balm unto the broken
It’s time to heed the Spirit’s call.
It’s time for restoration to begin
It’s time to bring the old into the new
It’s time to open doors long forgotten
It’s time to preach a word that’s sure and true.
Written by Karl Berg © 2014

Lyrics : Times Are Changing
Ohhhh... times are changing      Ohhhh... times are changing
There are things coming down in the heavenly realm, that the naked eye cannot see
Things if we were told, we would behold, we simply would not believe
For the logical mind hasn’t the time for things we think are absurd
Still we must realize we’re foolish, not wise, when we choose to ignore God’s Word.
Ohhhh... times are changing      Ohhhh... times are changing
We say “peace, peace”, when there is no peace, deceiving ourselves more and more
For we don’t want to hear God ‘s judgement is near, and that He’s calling us on the floor
So we make the choice to run from His voice, and bury our heads in the sand
Pretending in vain, that nothing has changed, and we don’t have to take a stand.
Ohhhh.... but times are changing      Ohhhh... but times are changing
Now the script has been written, it’s going to happen, every word, every stroke, every line
And like it or not, it’s going to get hot, for He’s coming with fire to refine
And there will be no escape, He’s going to get us in shape, for there is still so much to be done
And now is the hour to stand in His power if this battle is going to be won.
Ohhhh.... cause times are changing   Ohhhh... cause times are changing
The bottom line of this story; He’s coming in glory, and every knee then will bow
He’ll expose every sin that’s secretly hidden unless we repent of them now
You see He’s drawn the line and now is the time that the power of pride’s going to fall
Then every tongue will confess, He is the best, Yes Jesus is Lord of all.
Ohhhh.... times are changing      Ohhhh... times are changing
Ohhhh.... times are changing      And things will never be the same.
Written by Karl Berg ©2014

Lyrics : We Are A Light
There’s a cost to following the Lord, and the price is everything
All that we have, and all that we are, we must lay   before the King
You see the days are growing darker, and we need to understand        
The cost will only be greater, as we obey the Lord’s command.
All around there’s a pressure to conform, as the Word is compromised
We have seen the standards fall and the Truth twisted before our eyes
But the times they are changing, The Lord is waking up His bride
Calling forth His remnant, to stand against the tide....
We are a light, shining in the dark
We are a light, bringing hope to hurting hearts
Whatever things were gain to us, we now count as loss...cause
We are a light, shining to the cross.
Throughout the years, believers in the Lord, were called to take a stand
Proclaim His Name boldly without fear, though it cost them everything they had
Through the fires of persecution, their Lord they did not deny
But one by one laid down their lives, echoing the cry....
There’s a cost to following the Lord, and the price is everything
We need to see there is no other way, if we’re going to serve the King
The time has come to take a stand, for all that we believe
And as we stand for Jesus, all around will see....

Written by Karl Berg © 2014

Lyrics : Walls Are Falling
Walls are falling, walls are falling, never to rise again
The Spirit’s calling, the Spirit’s calling, rise up and take my hand
Everything’s being shaken, everything’s being shaken, so what cannot will remain        
Walls are falling, walls are falling, never to rise again.
What’s with the uncertainty, what’s with all the fear
Everything that’s happening, He told us would appear
But, maybe we weren’t listening, or maybe thought it wasn’t real
Still, He’s turning everything upside down, so what’s hidden can be revealed.
We have walked in darkness, thinking it was the light
Displaying a form of godliness, but having no power in sight
Through our rules and our traditions, we have sought to serve the Lord
Losing sight of the relationship, that He longs for so much more.
Everything that hinders, every chain that binds
Every root of pride and selfishness, is now being refined
And at times it may be painful, and we might feel like giving in
But it’s all a part of us learning how to trust and walk with Him.
Written by Karl Berg © 2014

Lyrics : A Chosen Generation
The time has now come for the sons of God to arise
The time has now come to awake, and put on the mantle of Christ
For we are the light, this world is longing to see
We hold the keys, that can set the captives free. 
For too many years we’ve followed the ways of men
For too many years we’ve believed their lies, and lived in the fear of them
But all is being shaken, the walls are now coming down
And we’re finding out who we are, and in whom we’re found.
We are a chosen... generation,
A Kingdom of Priests unto our God
In our own unique ways, reflecting His glory
Sharing His story, through the power of His love.
He’s calling us forward, and setting each one apart
He’s calling us forward releasing us into all He’s placed in our heart
All the dreams that have died, He’s bringing to life again
While showing us how to stand complete in Him.
The time has now come for the sons of God to arise
The time has now come to awake, and put on the mantle of Christ   
All creation is longing to see us take our place
Longing for us to arise and show the way.
Written by Karl Berg © 2014

Lyrics : Obedience
There’s a warning going out in the Spirit “Don’t refuse the One who speaks”
Whatever can be shaken will be shaken, in order to awaken those who sleep
The Lord is raising up a remnant, those who’ll choose to live by faith
Even now He’s calling forth a people, who will listen and obey.
Saul was chosen by the Lord to lead the people, when Israel demanded a king
He obeyed the Lord in the beginning, and so prospered in everything
But the years of success began to blind him, he thought to do things his own way
And the kingdom was lost to him forever, when he chose to disobey
Obedience, is what the Lord commands
Obedience, when we don’t understand         
There can be no compromise, our lives are in His hands
Obedience, is what the Lord commands.
Moses led the people out of bondage, on a journey toward the promised land
Chosen by the Lord for that hour, to demonstrate the power of His hand
It was he to whom the law was given, God’s glory shone upon his face
Still, the promised land was lost to him forever, when he chose to disobey. 
There’s a warning going out in the Spirit, “Don’t refuse the One who speaks”
The time of judgment, is upon us, what we sow is what we’ll reap
Even now our promised land awaits us, even now His glory’s on it’s way
But there is only one way we can enter, we must listen and obey.
Written by Karl Berg © 2014

Lyrics : Storm's A Coming
Storm’s a coming, it will change all that we know
Storm’s a coming, it will change all that we know
The vision awaits an appointed time
It speaks of the end, and will not be denied
All that’s been spoke n will come to pass
And what’s left behind will be the things that will last
The warning’s been out in the Spirit for years
But only a few have had ears to hear
Repent, and be changed one and all
But few have responded to the Spirit’s call
Storm’s a coming, I can feel it in my bones
Storm’s a coming, and the winds are gonna blow
Out on the horizon even now I see it grow
Storm’s a coming, it will change all that we know 
Storm’s a coming, it will change all that we know
Judgment is coming to the house of the Lord
All will be laid bare by the power of His Word
Things that have been, no longer will be
Man’s rules and traditions will bend the knee.
The night’s nearly over, it’s time to awake
We need to understand there will be no escape
If we’re going to stand we must now take our place
In Jesus the Lord, and His saving grace
Storm’s a coming, storm’s a coming, 
Storm’s a coming, it will change all that we know
Storm’s a coming, it will change all that we know
Written by Karl Berg © 2014