What Is Love?

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What is love? The world views love in many different ways, but most are tainted in one way or another. When we say “I love you” to someone, what we are likely saying is “I love you if...”

Love as we know it usually has strings attached. 

What is love? God is love. The Bible says in 1Jn. 4:10 “This is what love is: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.”

In this CD I have tried to paint the picture of love, not from my perspective, but rather from the perspective of 8 different people who lived over 2,000 years ago. As you listen to these songs, may the eyes of your heart be opened to understand what love truly is. 

Karl Berg     2004

Listen Count : 3559
Lyrics : What is Love
God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son
On a wooden cross to die and set us free.
It’s a story we know well, one that we so often tell
But I don’t think we grasp all that it means.
We think love is an emotion, a passion from within
A hunger, an endless aching need.
But love that is real, is far more than what we feel
Far more than what the eye can see.
Love, what is love? 
Do we really understand all that it’s made of
Love, if we really want to know
We need to look to the One who gave His life two thousand years ago.
Jesus came to earth to show the Father’s love
To a world that was lost and steeped in sin
He healed the sick and raised the dead, by His hand thousands were fed
Love was in everything He did.
Love is patient, love is kind, does not envy, does not boast
Love is never rude in any way
Keeps no record of suffered wrong, perseveres enduring long
protects, and trusts with a hope that never fades.
Love, God is love
And we need to understand it’s all that He’s made of
Love, if we’re really going to know
We need to follow the One who gave His life two thousand years ago.
Love is a decision we must make
Love’s a road that we must choose to take
But we must realize there is a sacrifice
If we’re going to walk with Him each day
God so loved the world that He gave His only Son
On a wooden cross to die and set us free. 

Lyrics : Unto Us
He shall be called Wonderful Counselor 
And the wisdom of the ages shall be His.
He shall be called, Wonderful Counselor
And the people will stand in awe and marvel at this.
He shall be called the Great and Mighty King
And all authority will be His alone
He shall be called the Great and Mighty King
And all the nations of the earth will bow before His throne
For unto us a child is born, to us a Son is given
One like the world has never seen before
Unto us a child is born, to us a Son is given
And He will rule and reign forevermore.
He shall be called Everlasting Father
Compassion and love will flow from His hand
He shall be called Everlasting Father
And there will never be an orphan or outcast in the land.
He shall be called the Prince of Peace
All war and strife will come to an end                       
He shall be called the Prince of Peace
And His world will be one where the lion will lie with the lamb.

Lyrics : The Temptation
Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness
To be tempted by the devil in many ways
After fasting forty days, He was hungry
And that is when He heard the tempter say
If you are the Son of God, turn these stones into bread
If you are the Son of God, then do what I’ve said
But Jesus replied; “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone,
But by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”
The devil then took Him to the Holy city
And on the highest point of the temple made Him stand
And as He looked down upon the people
He heard the tempter challenge Him again.
If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down from here
The angels will bear you up, what is there to fear?
But Jesus replied; “It is said, you shall not put your Lord to the test
But trust His Word alone, above the rest.
Then the devil took Him high upon a mountain
And showed Him all the kingdoms of this world
Everything a man could ever wish for 
The devil turned and said “it can be yours!”
The only thing you have to do, is simply bow to me
For it is mine to give away, just bend your knee
But Jesus replied; It is written, you shall worship the Lord your God
And Him alone shall you serve.
Now you and I will face temptation
As we walk through this life each day
But there will never be one we can’t conquer
For He has promised to provide us an escape.
And all we really have to do, is simply turn to Him
No matter how hard it seems, we don’t have to sin
For Jesus says; It is written, if you’ll submit to me
And then resist the devil, he will flee.  

Lyrics : Living Water
An outcast from among my own people
I was one from whom most people hid their face
Married five times, now with another
My life was seen as a disgrace.
He was sitting by the well when I first saw Him
When I drew near He asked me for a drink... He said
If you knew the gift of God and who was asking
You wouldn’t even have to stop and think.
You would ask of me and I’d give you living water
Drawn from the well that never shall run dry
You would ask of me and I’d give you living water
Where just one drink and you’d be satisfied.........  I said
Where can you get this living water
The well is deep and you have nothing with which to draw
Or are you greater than our father Jacob
Who dug this well and drank from it himself......  He said
All who drink from this well will again be thirsty
But all who drink from me will never thirst again
For the water I give will become a spring within you
Welling up to a life that never ends... so
Ask of me and I’ll give you living water
Drawn from the well that never shall run dry
Ask of me and I’ll give you living water
Where just one drink and you’ll be satisfied.
And then it seemed as if He looked right through me
For He told me everything I’d ever done
Yet He didn’t speak to me with condemnation
He simply reached out to me in love.
He was a Jew I was a Samaritan
Yet somehow He didn’t seem to care
I never will forget the day I met Him
In my mind I still see Him sitting there... He said

Lyrics : Mercy
They caught me in my lovers arms, and pulled me from his side
There was nowhere I could run to, no place I could hide
They took me to the Teacher, and threw me to the ground
They began to ask Him questions, but He uttered not a sound
He didn’t even look at them, but wrote upon the sand
Teacher! they demanded what do you say? Where do you stand?
We caught her in adultery, the law says she must die
Jesus stopped His writing, and He slowly raised His eyes...... and said
Let he who is without sin, be the first to cast the stone
Let he who is without sin, step forward, stand alone
You stand there so self-righteously demanding her demise
But you don’t see you’re just the same in my Father’s eyes.
Chorus #1
He desires mercy, not sacrifice
He desires mercy, for His love can change her life
He desires mercy, not sacrifice
He desires mercy, she’s precious in His sight.
One by one they dropped the stones, and slowly turned away
Till I was left alone with Him, and then I heard Him say
Where are your accusers? I said Sir they are no more
He said Nor do I condemn you, go and sin no more.
Chorus #2
I desire mercy, not sacrifice,
I desire mercy, for His love can change your life
I desire mercy, not sacrifice
I desire mercy, you’re precious in His sight. 
Well many months have now gone by since that amazing day
And my understanding of God’s love has grown in many ways
There’s so much that has happened, so much He’s done for me
But none compares to the day He spoke those words and set me free... He said
Chorus #1
Chorus #3
He desired mercy, not sacrifice,
He desired mercy, and His love has changed my life
He desired mercy, not sacrifice
He desired mercy, I’m precious in His sight. 

Lyrics : All I Know
All I know is I love you, more than words can say
All I know is that I need you, more and more each passing day
And I’ll love you forever, though my world should fall apart
Oh Jesus! I love you with all my heart.
I can still remember, the day you called my name
And how I knew right then, my life would change
And as the days went by, Lord I grew to love you more
Cause Jesus, I’d never seen such love before...now
I can still remember, how you caused the blind to see
How you made the lame to walk, and stilled the raging sea
And I was there with you, when you fed five thousand men
And Jesus, you even raised the dead...now
You are my Lord, you are my best friend
You are my teacher, and my companion
Wherever you may go, Lord it’s there I want to be
Cause Jesus, you’re everything to me...now

Lyrics : The Resurrection and the Life
I had sent the message days before, but He did not arrive
I watched Lazarus grow weaker, till eventually he died
The questions, the confusion, no words could explain
The magnitude of loss I felt, nor the sharpness of the pain.
When Jesus finally did arrive, I ran to Him and said
If you had been here sooner, my brother would not be dead
Yet even now I know that God will give you what you ask
Then He said to me “Oh Martha your brother will rise again..... for
I am the resurrection, I am the life
He who believes in me will live even though he dies
And though you may not understand, what I tell you is no lie
All who live and believe in me will never, never die”
Then I called my sister Mary, and said the Lord is here
And He is asking for you, come now, He is near
Then Mary ran to Jesus and fell down at His feet
He said to her “where has he been laid”and then began to weep.
See how much He loved him, the crowd said when they heard Him groan
Could He not have healed him?, Jesus said “Take away the stone”
But Lord I said it’s been four days, the odor will be foul... He said
“Didn’t I say if you’d believe you’d see God’s glory now... for
When the stone had been rolled away, with a mighty shout
Jesus lifted up His voice and said “Lazarus come out”
And out he came at His command still bound head to toe
Jesus said to those around “release him, let him go
My family now is whole again, though it’s still hard to believe
With just a word He broke death’s grip and set my brother free
Oh He truly is Messiah, the one who was to come
For only the Messiah, could do what He has done....He said

Lyrics : A New Command
I’ve been with you for three years now, and still you do not see
That I am in the Father and the Father is in Me
Everything that I have said I’ve heard my Father say
And everything that I have done has been His will, His way.
From the time that I first called you until this very day
I lived to reveal to you, I’m the Truth, the Life, the Way
And though you’ve seen the miracles, you need to understand
It was only the beginning, for now I have a new command.
Love one another as I have loved you
Love one another in all you say and do
For if you love one another, the world will surely see
That you are my disciples, and you belong to Me.
There really is no greater love, than to lay down your life
For your friends, to give your all, the ultimate sacrifice
And I say to you, you are my friends, if you do what I command
And I say to you, you are my friends, and it’s time to take a stand....so
The time has come for me to go, and I know you don’t understand
But everything this night will hold is in my Father’s hands
For long before you were born I knew this hour would come
And still I chose to walk this road, all because of love.
Bridge:For it is the greatest power this world will ever know
It can soften even the hardest heart, it can conquer any foe
But it only works through humility, it cannot be controlled
When you are weak, then you are strong, for that is how love flows...so

Lyrics : Man of Sorrows
I was with you in the garden, on the night you were betrayed
I heard you say, “watch and wait, while I go and pray”
Then I heard you cry in agony to your Father up above
“If this cup can’t pass me by, then let Your will be done”.
Then a little while later, I’m sure I heard you say
“The time has come for me to go, my betrayer’s on his way”
Then Judas appeared with the soldiers and the priests
And I saw him walk up to you and kiss you on the cheek.
Man of sorrows, my heart cries out to you
Man of sorrows, what are you going to do
They’re taking you away, I don’t know what to say
Lord I’m so afraid for you.... Man of sorrows...what can I do?
Well you said I would deny you, but I did not believe
I said that I would rather die, before I’d ever leave
But three times in succession, You, I said I didn’t know
And I never realized until I heard the rooster crow.
Man of sorrows, my heart cries out to you
Man of sorrows, what am I going to do
I’ve turned your love away, I don’t know what to say
Lord I’m so afraid of losing you.... Man of sorrows...what can I do?
I saw them nail you to the cross, I saw them pierce you in the side
I heard you say “ Father forgive them” before you died
And it was in the next few days, I came to understand
That you indeed had come to die to redeem all men.
Man of sorrows, my heart cries out to you
Man of sorrows, forever I’ll be true
I’ll walk with you each day, do everything you say
I’ll follow in the way with you... Man of sorrows...I’ll live for you.
          Man of sorrows...I’ll die for you.

Lyrics : What Have I Done
I didn’t mean for this to happen, it wasn’t meant to be this way
I just wanted Him to rise up, and take His rightful place
I believed He was Messiah, yet He wouldn’t take the stand
But I thought He might if I could somehow force His hand.
Thirty pieces of silver is what they offered me
To find a way for them to take Him without being seen
It seemed like easy money, I didn’t think they would succeed
But now He stands condemned, because of me.
What have I done, what have I done
I’ve gone, and betrayed innocent blood
How could I’ve been so foolish, how could I betray His love
What have I done, what have I done.
Three years ago He called me to be one of His very own
He showed and taught me many things that I had never known
I saw Him heal the sick, I saw Him raise the dead
I saw Him love like no one ever had.
Then in the upper chamber, where we gathered for the feast
I once more saw His love as He humbly washed our feet
He knew I would betray Him, He said as much to me
“What you do, do quickly, for what must be, must be.”
Thirty pieces of silver mean nothing to me now
Life for me is empty, my world’s turned upside down
I cannot bear to face Him, what must He think of me
Life for me is over, here’s a rope, there’s a tree.

Lyrics : That Broken Bleeding Man
That broken bleeding man nailed to that cross of wood
How can he be the Messiah the chosen One of God?
Well they said a King would come and set his people free
But a broken bleeding man on a cross is all I see.
I’ve heard it said that He raised the dead, and caused the blind to see
That He spoke of love and a Kingdom that would last for eternity.
They say He is a prophet, a teacher, God’s own Son,
Yet it was His own people that demanded this be done.
So if he really is who he claims to be, why’s he hanging there?
Perched between two criminals while the people stand and stare
If he really is the Messiah why won’t he come down
They say that he saved others, why can’t he save himself..... oooooo
The sky is growing darker now, clouds are rolling in 
A storm is surely coming, I can feel it in the wind
Then suddenly He’s changed right before my eyes
Marred beyond all human likeness, as one wearing a disguise.
I heard Him say earlier today, with His hands and feet pierced through
Father, please forgive them, for they know not what they do.
And when His eyes met mine, it shook me to the core
For I had never seen such a depth of love before.
I’ve seen many crucifixions, but this one’s not the same
Too many things have happened that I cannot explain.
Now suddenly He cries out in a voice I do not know
The earth is shaken violently, and everything grows cold.... oooooo
That broken bleeding man, nailed to that cross of wood
I believe that truly He was the Son of God. 

Lyrics : Father Forgive Them
As they marched along the road, 
The road to Calvary’s tree
Jesus stumbled and fell under the weight of the cross
As the soldiers tried to show him who was boss.
As they nailed Him to the cross
He cried out in mortal pain
They hammered the nails into His hands and His feet
But Jesus did not scorn them in the least.
And Jesus said: 
“Father forgive them, they know not what they do                            
Father forgive them, Father forgive them
They know not what they do”
As He hung there on the cross
He looked down on them below
He left His mother in the hands of His friend
For He knew that soon His life on earth would end.
Then He raised His eyes on high 
And cried out in a pain-filled voice
“My God, my God why hast thou deserted me”
Then all at once His Spirit was set free.
Then they pierced Him in the side
To see if He was dead
Water and blood flowed from the wound in His side
And there He hung a deed they could not hide.

Lyrics : I'll Remember
I take this bread, oh Lord to remember, 
Your broken bleeding body on the tree
I take this cup, oh Lord to remember, 
Your Blood that you so freely shed for me.
The stripes you bore, the crown you wore, 
Lord I know you did it all for me
Like a lamb so meek and mild, like a helpless little child, 
Lord you let them nail you to the tree.
So I’ll remember, every time I take this bread, Lord I’ll remember
Every time I take this cup, Lord I’ll remember
Every moment of my life, that I was bought with a price
By the Lamb of God who gave his life for me.
I take this bread, oh Lord to remember, 
That you set me free so I could live again
I take this cup, oh Lord to remember, 
That your Blood has washed away all my sin.
The stripes you bore, the crown you wore, 
Lord I know you did it all for me
Like a lamb so meek and mild, like a helpless little child, 
Lord you let them nail you to the tree.

Lyrics : The Power of the Resurrection
On a hill outside Jerusalem, two thousand years ago,
The Son of God laid down his life, as a ransom for this world
But when He died He didn’t simply lie there in the grave,
But His Spirit descended to those He came to save.
For two long days He walked among the Spirits of the dead
Proclaiming forth the love of God in everything He said
And all who believed in Him, from the time that Adam fell,
He then led captive as He burst the gates of hell.
The power of the resurrection, won the victory
The power of the resurrection, set the captive free
When it seemed that all was lost, and hell had won the day
The power of the resurrection, rolled the stone away.
Death and hell could not keep him bound, or hold Him in the grave,
For Satan’s power was broken, when the price for sin was paid
You see long before the world was formed, the Father had a plan
Jesus Christ would die for the sin of every man.
He knows everything about you, He planned for you to be
Though you may not understand you have a destiny
And in spite of every circumstance, all you’re going through
Jesus Christ still has the power to bring new life to you.
The power of the resurrection won the victory
The power of the resurrection still sets the captive free
To everyone alone and lost, who cannot find their way
The power of the resurrection, still can roll the stone away. 

Lyrics : Who Am I (Mary's Song)
I stand here by the empty tomb, yet I still can’t quite believe
That He’s alive, for I saw Him die three days ago upon the tree
But as I reflect upon His life I remember all I was told
Things long treasured in my heart, that I’ve now have seen unfold.
His name will be Jesus, the angel said to me...I said
I don’t understand, I’ve not known a man, so how could this possibly be.....he said
The Holy Spirit will over-shadow you, and by Him you’ll conceive.....I said
I am the servant of the Lord, as you’ve said let it be to me.....but
Who am I that I should be the mother of the Lord
Who am I that I was chosen from all the women in this world
Who am I that I should find such favor in His sight
Who am I, who am I, who am I.
We took Him to Jerusalem when He was twelve years old
Never any trouble, always did what He was told
Then suddenly He was missing, three days later He was found
Sitting in the temple courts with teachers all around.....and I said
Son we were so worried, why have you treated us this way.....He said
Didn’t you know that I would be in my Father’s house today
It was times like these and many more, I pondered as He grew
Marveling at who He was, yet still wondering what He’d do...but
I witnessed His first miracle, changing water into wine
He saved the family much embarrassment though He’d said it was not His time
Through the next three years He taught about His Father up above
And to all who would receive Him, He reached out to them in love
But the leaders of the people were not pleased in any way....they said
He goes against the scriptures healing on the Sabbath day
So they conspired to condemn Him, then hung Him on a tree
And I remembered everything the angel had said to me.
It was spoken through the prophets many years ago
And why I didn’t see till now I will never know
But God so loved this whole wide world He sent His Son to die
So that all the world would be redeemed through His sacrifice....but
Who was I that I should be the mother of the Lord
Who was I that I was chosen from all the women in this world
Who was I to have found such favor in His sight
I was just a willing vessel, through which He chose to send His light. 

Lyrics : A New Command (reprise)