Age of Revival

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Re-vival: To re- life….or  come back to life….to revive.   This was my first CD 14 years ago, and although much has changed in our world, the message of this CD remains the same.  The Lord is preparing to revive / awaken His people in proportions unparalleled in history… The Church system in today’s world is all but dead, and holds little significance in our culture.  However the true Church (gathering of believers) is in the process of waking up, and will soon take part in the greatest move of God this world has ever seen… We truly are entering into the age of revival.

Karl Berg 2000

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Lyrics : Age Of Revival
This world’s been cloaked in darkness for so many centuries
And the powers of hell have had their way forever so it seems
But the times they are a-changing, and soon this world will see
The Church arise in power, in mighty victory.
This is the dawning of the age of revival
This is the dawn of a bright and glorious day
No longer will the Church just be bent on survival
But we will be the ones to rise and show the way.
Now the Church has stood divided through these many years
Split by man-made doctrines, jealousy and fear
But the times they are a-changing, for with fire from above
The Lord is purifying His people and uniting them in love.
Now the Spirit of the Lord is moving in this very hour
Calling forth believers and enduing them with power
For the times they are a-changing, and through the power of His might
They will pull down every stronghold and destroy the powers of night.
So though this world’s been cloaked in darkness, it won’t be for too long
And though the powers of hell have had their way, they soon are coming down
Yes the times they are a-changing, and things will never be the same
For the Church will triumph gloriously, then with her Lord she’ll reign.
Karl Berg   March   96

Lyrics : Obedience Is The Key
The wind of the Spirit is blowing again, moving all across this land
Calling out to anyone who will hear
The days are short, there’s so little time, where will we stand when they draw the line
It’s a question we must answer today, Are we ready to listen and obey.
Because obedience is the key to revival
It releases the power of God into every trial
No power on earth can stand, when we’re following His command
Obedience is the key to revival.
The Lord commanded Joshua to be brave and bold, to follow the law and do all He was told
And He’d go in and surely possess the Land
Well the same applies to you and me, we must follow His Word, trust and believe
For there really is no other way, we need to learn to listen and obey.
Now the Spirit is calling to us today, to stand in His power and show the way
For there are still so many who do not know
Are we willing to lay down our lives, whatever the cost will we pay the price
It’s a question we must answer today, are we willing to listen and obey.

Lyrics : Take A Stand
Those of us who know and love the Lord
Must begin to fight to keep the Gospel pure
For more and more the world each day, tries to paint the Gospel gray
By saying there really isn’t any right or wrong way.....so we must
Take a stand, and hold on to what is right
We can’t afford to compromise, the truth is black and white
Take a stand, come on lets show the world the way
Let the light of Jesus shine in our lives each day.
There are still so many searching for the way
Who can’t believe the Gospel’s for today
Because they look at the Church and see, division and disunity
And not the love for one another that they know there should be.
So for those of us who know and love the Lord
We must begin to live our lives in one accord
So that in everything we do, His love will shine on through
And the world will see the reality of Christ in me and you.

Lyrics : We Are His Beacons
We are His beacons in a world that is lost
Shining forth the light that can lead them to the cross
So together we must stand, side by side in one accord
To pull down all the strongholds and proclaim that He is Lord
His light shines forth in this world of night
And the darkness has not overcome the light
And out of this world, He’s called you and me
To be His light on that hill for the world to see.
Chorus: (x2)
Though the darkness may seem to grow stronger each day
Victory is ours if we’ll stand and obey
For He’s called and equipped us to stand up and fight
And push back the powers of the night
Chorus: (x2)
Now the day will come when this battle will end
And we’ll stand face to face with our Savior and friend
But until that time we must stand in the night
Together on that hill, our light shining bright.
Chorus: (x2) 

Lyrics : United We'll Stand
On the day of Pentecost, on that blessed morn
The believers were together, all in one accord
Praying and singing praises, glorifying the Lord
God poured out His Spirit, and the Church was born.
Persecution raised it’s ugly head and moved from town to town
Stalking the believers, and striking many down
Still the Gospel flourished, still the Church grew strong
For the Spirit went before them uniting them as one.
Oh united we’ll stand, divided we’ll fall
You see the Church must stand together, or it won’t stand at all
Denominational rules, have only caused strife and pain
It’s time we put aside our differences, and come together in His name.
But on down through the centuries, oh so much has changed
The Church that was so powerful now lies in disarray
Factions and infighting are now the order of the day
As we try to show each other, who has the better way.
We are one body, so the Scriptures say
And if we’re going to follow Jesus denomination has no place
We have one purpose, we only have one call
To live our lives for Jesus, and let Him be all in all.

Lyrics : Will You Be The One?
Take a look around, come on open up your eyes
Trials will surely come with the changing times
Now the days are growing darker, evil’s running free
The question you must answer is, will you stand or will you flee?
Will you be the one to stand for the Savior?
Will you be the one to fight for the King?
Though everyone around you may turn and run away
Will you be the one? Will you be the one to stand and stay?
You call yourself a Christian, you say you love the Lord
You go to church each Sunday, and you read His Holy Word
But do you really know Him, and the power of His cross?
And are you ready to follow Him regardless of the cost?
The battle lines are drawn, the time is now at hand
One way or another, you’ll have to take a stand
You see the world is out there watching, just to see what you will do
Will you take that stand for Jesus, no matter what they do to you?

Lyrics : Revival
The Lord is gathering an army, a great and mighty army
Such has never been seen before
So put on your armor, get ready for battle
He’s calling us out to war.
Revival, revival, revival is happening again
Revival, revival, the Spirit is moving all over this land.
Revival, revival, revival is happening again
Revival, revival, revival is spreading all over this land.
Now the Spirit is moving, mightily moving, 
And He’s knocking at your hearts door
He’s looking for believers, strong and true believers
Who will stand up for the Lord.
Now there’s many, many thousands, many, many millions
Of people who have never heard
So the Spirit is moving, calling us together 
To spread God’s Holy Word.
So we must live for Jesus, each and every minute
And make His presence known
Let His light shine through us, so the world can see Him in us
And want Him for their own.

Lyrics : Only Then
If we truly want to see revival in this land
We must humble ourselves beneath God’s mighty hand
We must get on our knees and pray, and daily seek His face
We must put aside our own desires, turn from our wicked ways
For only then will the Lord hear from heaven
Only then will He take away our sin
Only then will the Lord hear from heaven
Only then will the Lord heal our land.
We say we want to see revival in our land
We say we want to see signs and wonders from His hand
We say we want to see our nation turn to Jesus Christ
But are really willing to pay the price.
Revival must begin deep within the heart
With a desire to be holy and truly set apart
With a passion for His presence, not matter what the cost
With a willingness to give to save the lost.
We’re standing at a crossroads and we must make the choice
To stay within our comfort zone and follow the Saviors voice
For the Spirit is calling to the Church this very hour
To shed our chains and rise up in His power

Lyrics : What Does It Profit A Man
What does it profit a man, 
To gain the whole world while losing his soul?
Tell me how can the fortune and fame, 
Ever replace the gift that Jesus gave?
Oh why do we get so caught up in this world?
Striving so hard for material gain
Why do we get so caught up in this world?
When we know it only leads to destruction, and pain.
Now the world would like us to think
That happiness comes through the things we possess
The world would like us to think.
The more we can get, the more that we’ll have 
And so the happier we will be.....But tell me
Now the world would have us believe
That riches and power solve all of life’s problems
The world would have us believe.
They’re all that we need if we’re going to succeed
In fulfilling all of our dreams.....But tell me
Now this world is not our home
And though we live in it, we should not be part of it
This world is not our home.
It has nothing to give we don’t already have
In Jesus Christ our Lord......So tell me
Karl Berg    July   93 

Lyrics : Pride
Back in the beginning before God made man
An incident occurred that was not of God’s plan
His most beautiful creation, the son of the morn
Decided to exalt himself above God’s throne.
A third of Heaven’s angels followed after him
And the universe was witness to the original sin
But Michael and his angels withstood the foe
And Lucifer and all his hordes were cast below.
It was pride that caused the fall of the angel of light
It is pride that continues to cause men to fight
It is pride that can make a man think wrong is right
It is pride, it is pride.
Pride exalts itself while putting others down
Pride’s only desire is just to wear the crown
Pride wants the attention of everyone around
Pride Oh... it is pride.
Now you may be out there thinking this song is not for you
That pride just isn’t part of anything that you do
But the Scriptures warn be careful, when you think you stand you fall
No one is immune to pride’s seductive call.
If a brother or a sister were to stumble and fall
Would you reach out in mercy, would you heed the call
Or would you stand in judgement and righteously proclaim
If that were me I never would have done the same.
And so it will continue now till the end of time
As long as sin is in the earth there will be pride
But you and I still have a choice in how we’re going to live
Pride is not the master till we let it in.
Karl Berg    May 98 

Lyrics : The Tongue
The tongue is a world of iniquity, the tongue no man can tame
It sets on course the fires of hell engulfing all in it’s way
Words of gossip and slander, frustration and anger, 
Go forth in such a reckless way
So often we speak without stopping to think of the toll that our words will take
So often we speak without stopping to think of the toll that our words will take.
Like a ship upon the ocean we ride the waves of life
And our tongue is like the rudder that steers us left or right
And every day the choice is ours and ours alone to make
We can let our tongue run loose, or let the Spirit take the reins.
So often when we’re injured we react with words of spite
For the pride within us rises up to defend our rights
But if we don’t think before we speak, then before we realize
We’ll be speaking words of death instead of words of life.
Now at times we may think we’re joking just having a little fun
We may think our words mean nothing, but there’s power in the tongue
Every word we speak has the power to build up or tear down
Our words will bless or curse, you see there is no neutral ground.
Now a day is surely coming, we will stand before the throne
And we will give an accounting for every idle word we’ve thrown
So speak words of life, not words of death, words of blessing, words of peace
Let the anointing of the Lord be on every word we speak.
Karl Berg    June 96

Lyrics : You Will Reap The Things You Sow
In life you’re like a farmer sowing seed into the ground
The things you say and do are the seeds you scatter round
And every little seed will have a harvest of it’s own
So you must be very careful where your seeds are sown.
You will reap the things you sow, the seeds you plant will surely grow
To the flesh or to the Spirit, the choice is yours alone
Everything you say and do, will one day return to you
The harvest time will show, you’ll reap the things you sow.
Now you may be one who thinks it doesn’t matter what you do
For God’s mercy and forgiveness will always see you through
Though it’s true He does forgive you, make no mistake
There still are consequences to every action that you take.
Now you just like the farmer must choose where to sow your seeds
And the soil that you choose will determine what you reap
So sow unto the Spirit, and live unto the Lord
And you’ll find that come the harvest, you’ll reap a rich reward.

Lyrics : Send Revival (Only Then Reprise)
There in the upper room, two thousand years ago
You poured out Your Spirit on a dark and troubled world
Your Church You then created, so it could shine Your light
Lord the time has come, let Your Church arise, send revival!
Oh send revival Lord, such as the world has never seen before
In a mighty rushing wind, pour out Your Spirit once again
And bring Your Church to unity, so we can take a stand
Purify Your people, Lord come and heal our land, send revival.
The world is growing darker with each passing day
Hearts keep growing colder as more people turn away
Well something must be done, to try and stem the tide
Lord the time has come, let Your Church arise, send revival!
Pour out Your Spirit in this very hour
Show signs and wonders Lord, and demonstrate Your power
For the world is out there waiting for our light to shine
Lord the time has come, let Your Church arise, send revival!