Freedom - Disc 1 - The Awakening

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“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm then and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” ( Gal. 5:1 ) Yoke: An oppressive force or influence. Jesus set us free from every yoke when He rose from the dead. It is our responsibility now to stand and resist them. “The Awakening” speaks to this truth, and to how the Lord is waking His Church to the freedom He paid the price for. “The Journey” is my own walk to freedom with the Lord. May all who hear these songs be drawn into a greater intimacy with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Karl Berg     2009

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Lyrics : It Was For Freedom
The battle’s done, the victory’s won
Christ has conquered death and hell, He has overcome
The price is paid, still in many ways
We need to learn to walk in the freedom
We feel the pain, we see the stains
We hear the lies that say our faith is all in vain
We stress and strive, trying to survive
Clinging to the hope that somehow our life will change.
It was for freedom Christ has set us free
It was for freedom He bought our liberty
In spite of every circumstance, and how the facts may seem
The truth remains when Jesus died, we were redeemed.
Temptations come. We are undone
Somehow we lack the strength and we are overcome
We crash and burn. We need to learn
If we’re going to win the race, we must focus on the Son.
If only we could see. 
We’re not trying to get free
He’s already made a way, 
For those who’ll walk with Him each day.

Lyrics : The Walls Are Coming Down
Every single one of us have walls within our lives
Things that we can’t see, or simply do not realize
Ways that we’ve been taught, things that we’ve believed
Affect the way we think, affect the way we see. 
We’ve wandered in deception, so sure we knew the way
Boasting of our freedom, while we walked around in chains
But all that now is changing, the wrongs are being made right
Every lie and hidden weakness, is being brought into the light.
The walls are coming down
Every man-made rule and tradition will crumble to the ground
Everything that can be shaken, will be shaken now
The walls are coming down.
What is right, what is wrong, who really knows the way
What is false, what is true, who has the right to say
A feeling of uncertainty, like we’ve never known before
And the only thing that we can do is surrender to the Lord... because
It’s not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of the Lord
His refining fire will see us all transformed.
But we must choose to follow, for we do not know the way,
And we will see His glory, as we listen and obey... for
Now every single one of us have walls within our lives
Things that we can’t see, or simply do not realize
But all those things that hinder, the chains that hold us bound
One by one will fall away, as the walls come tumbling down.

Lyrics : Freedom
Are you tired of religion, and all it has to say
Listening to excuses to why there is no power today
Are you tired of hypocrisy, and the emptiness you feel
If you’re tired of religion, Jesus Christ has something real.
Are you tired of traditions that restrict what God can do
That place men into bondage through all their man-made rules
Are you tired of conforming to things you don’t believe
If you’re tired of religion, Jesus Christ can set you free.
Freedom!  That’s why Jesus came
Freedom!  To walk with Him each day
You see now, all He’s ever wanted is a relationship with you
He cares far more for who you are, than what you’ll ever do.
Are you tired of the formulas, the empty altar calls
The hype and the emotion, where there is no change at all
Are you tired of the preaching that never seems to feed
If you’re tired of religion, Jesus Christ is all you need.
Are you tired of existing, merely trying to play the game
Painting on a smile, when inside you’re wracked with pain
Are you tired of pretending, everything will be OK
If you’re tired of religion, Jesus is the way.

Lyrics : Jesus Is Not Coming Back Today
Standing on the threshold of eternity
watching the seasons come and go
wondering when... it all will end
still the day or the hour no one knows.
I’ve heard it said so many, many times before
Jesus can return at any time
but I’ve come to realize it’s nothing but a lie
He’s not returning for a spotted wrinkled bride.
Jesus isn’t coming back today
And the rapture won’t be the “Great escape”
He’s called us to take a stand, to go out and possess the land
To occupy until He comes again.
Everywhere I look I see disunity
everyone insisting he is right
no one can agree on what they will believe
instead somehow it seems they’d rather fight.
But He’s called us to be Holy as He is Holy
He’s called us to forgive as He forgives
to lay down our lives as He laid down His life
and to live each day solely unto Him.
Jesus isn’t coming back today
And the rapture won’t be the “Great escape”
He’s called us to shine, to be His living wine
So the world can taste and see, then seek and find.
So we’re standing on the threshold of eternity
and time indeed grows shorer every day 
but we must make the choice to listen to His voice
for unity will come no other way.
No Jesus isn’t coming back today
And the rapture won’t be the “Great escape”
But those who will abide daily by His side
Will become that pure, clean spotless bride.

Lyrics : We Use Your Name
We use Your Name, as if it were a magic potion
We use Your Name, as if it were a good luck token
We use Your Name, not discerning who You are
Looking for a fix, just as if we were wishing upon a star
We use Your Name, to punctuate the prayers we’re praying
We use Your Name, not comprehending all were saying
We use your Name, but we don’t really understand
We’re looking for the power, to get us through the hour, and change our circumstance.
Oh, Je-sus, when will we ever see, oh, Je-sus, it’s in You we are free
But until we take Your hand, we will never understand
How we use Your Name in vain, over and over again
No, until we take Your hand we will never understand
Your Name is part of who You are, Redeemer, Saviour , Friend.
We use Your Name, without asking Your permission
We use Your Name, our agenda is our mission
We use Your Name, but we really don’t believe
Walking in presumption, making the assumption, what were praying is what You want to be.

Lyrics : Peace Does Not Come In A Bottle
Peace does not come in a bottle
Peace cannot be bought or sold
Peace is not found in what this world has to offer
Cause peace is found in God alone.
Every single day the quest is still the same
to find true peace and contentment
you search far and wide, trying to calm the storm inside
forever looking for the answer.
Now you may not think it’s true, but everything you do
is driven by this need deep inside you
your soul longs to be at peace, so you seek a release
anywhere you can find it.
Now this world boasts many ways, but the results are still the same
everything you try just leaves you empty
the riches and the fame, the power and the gain
satisfy only for a season.
Jesus is the way, you see He gave His life to pay
the price for this world’s redemption
and it’s in Him you will find your desired peace of mind
and His peace is beyond your understanding.

Lyrics : Second Best
There are lies being spoken, in the body of Christ today
Like, healing’s not for everyone, and we must accept what comes our way.
Yet salvation means completeness, Spirit, body and soul
Nothing missing, nothing broken, one hundred percent totally whole....so
Why do we settle for second best
Why do we believe the lies
Jesus didn’t come and pass the test
So we would be poor, get sick, and die.
He came to set us free. He died to open the way
So we could be with God, the way that Adam was
Pure and free from sin, complete in everything.
We are sons and daughters
Of a great and mighty King
And all He has is ours by faith
For He’s provided everything....so
Now there are lies being spoken
But the truth is there to see
And Jesus said if we’d know the truth
Then the truth would surely set us free....so

Lyrics : The Truth Will Set You Free
Have you ever wondered why you think the way you do
Why thoughts you know you shouldn't think, just keep on coming through 
Well there's a war a-raging, and the battle's for you mind
And if you're going to win the war you must learn how to fight
The first thing you must understand is this battle has no rules
The devil is a liar, and he'll play you for a fool 
He knows your every weakness, he's seen where you have been
And he knows just what he has to do to say, or take you in....but
You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free
And the chains that once were binding you will suddenly release
For Satan holds no power, once the light of truth shines through
Cause all his lies and deceptions then come fully into view.
Now you may be one of those who thinks the devil is a myth
An antiquated legend, who does simply not exist
You're entitled to your opinion, still I feel I have to say
Because you don't believe in him, you're a pawn that he can play....but
Thoughts of fear and sickness, ridicule and shame
Thoughts of condemnation that never go away
Thoughts of immorality, anger, lust and pride
He'll use to distract you, and bind you with his lies....but
Now Jesus is the Way, He is the Truth, He is the Life
The only One who's able to turn your darkness into light
So when those thoughts come crashing at the threshold of your mind
Fix your eyes on Jesus, and you'll triumph every time....cause

Lyrics : The Cradle To The Cross
At Christmas we remember the day Christ came to earth
How the shepherds and the angels proclaimed his holy birth
How wise men came traveling, bearing treasures from afar
Following the guiding light of a bright new shining star.
Yet we somehow fail to mention just why Jesus came
At Christmas we don’t talk about the price he had to pay
But long before the foundation of the earth was ever laid
Jesus Christ laid down his life, the Lamb for sinners slain.
Celebrate the cradle to the cross
Celebrate the gift, celebrate the cost
For one without the other, the significance is lost
Celebrate the cradle to the cross.
With every gift that’s given, someone pays a price
From the smallest to the greatest, there is a sacrifice
Well God so loved this whole wide world, that He gave his Son to die
So that all who would believe in him would have eternal life.
So as we prepare for Christmas, and all that it will bring
Let us take some time to honor our Savior and our King
Born in a lowly stable, laid in a manger stall
Crucified, raised from the dead, now King and Lord of all.

Lyrics : Come Unto Me
When the worries of this world get you down
When you need a friend and no one can be found
When you feel your life is empty, and no one seems to care
Lift your voice to Jesus, you know He’ll always hear.  For He said...
Come unto me, lay your burdens at my feet and I will give you rest
Come unto me, lay your weary head upon my shoulder
I will be your refuge, I will be your strength
Come to me, I’ll give you rest.
When the fear in your life is much too real
When then pain in your heart won’t seem to heal
When storms are all around you, and you don’t know what to do
Lift your voice to Jesus, He will see you through. For He said...
It doesn’t matter how hard the problem seems
Jesus has the answer, He knows your every need
So in every situation, no matter what you’re going through
Lift your voice to Jesus, that’s all you have to do. For He said...

Lyrics : Fly Free
It’s now time to lose the chains, step out into freedom
And leave behind those things that hindered you.
The rejection and the pain, memories they’ll remain
But He has sent His Word to make you new.
You see, before you were conceived, before you were created
The Lord purposed and He planned your destiny.
He knows all that’s in your heart, He’s known right from the start
And He has everything you’ll ever need....so
Fly high, fly free, be all that you can be
Let the wind of His Spirit carry you
Leave the world far below, spread your wings it’s time to go
There’s a day that’s dawning bright and new
Take His hand there’s nothing you can’t do.
Now yesterday is gone, tomorrow lies before you 
Hear Him gently calling out your name
The chains that  held you bound, are falling to the ground
And in His love you’ll never be the same. 
It’s now time to lose the chains, step out into freedom
And embrace the One who died to make you new.
And as you grow each day, may His love light your way
And may you know how much He cares for you.

Lyrics : The Light Shines In The Darkness
The light shines in the darkness
Piercing through the night
The light shines in the darkness
And the darkness has not understood the light
The darkness has not understood the light.
We’re living in a world that says “nothing is for sure”
Where black and white are changed to gray and the vile is seen as pure
And everything is relative to how one wants to see
Nothing’s really right or wrong, it’s all how one believes.
Well what is false? What is true? it’s the question for today
Foundations we’ve been standing on are crumbling away
Everything is changing, nothing is the same
The signposts we were following no longer mark the way.....but
In the midst of the confusion we shouldn’t be surprised
He’s been trying for centuries to open up our eyes
Through our rules and our traditions, we do our will in His Name
Displaying a form of godliness, but denying the power of the same.
So everything that’s hidden is being brought into the light
All our pride and selfishness He’s purging from our lives
Yes, everything’s being shaken, so what cannot will remain
And when it all is said and done, we’ll never be the same.....cause
We’re living in a world that says “nothing is for sure”
Where black and white are changed to gray, and the vile is seen as pure
But it doesn’t really matter what the world believes
If we’ll walk with Jesus, then the world will see....cause

Lyrics : Shine
Awake O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine upon you
Awake O sleeper, lift up your head, there is still so much to do
For the night’s nearly over, the day’s almost here, 
The world is in darkness living in fear 
And we are the one’s He has called to carry His light
We are the one’s He has called to shine in the night....so
Shine, arise and shine
It’s time to wake from our slumber, and put off the deeds of the night
Shine, arise and shine
The glory of the Lord has come, we must shine His light.
Awake O sleeper, rise from the dead, the Lord is calling to you
Awake O sleeper, stir up your gifts, everyone He wants to use
Then kings and nations will come to the light
For the glory of the Lord will be shining bright
And we will be everything He’s called us to be
We will shine His light for all to see....so 

Lyrics : We Are Here To Serve
This life we live, is but a moments time
And it’s far too short to spend it wasting time
Jesus calls us all to follow him
He sent us out into the world, and it’s here, it is here we must begin.
We are here to serve, we are here to show the way
We are here to bring his sunlight into the darkness of the day
We are here to serve, we are here to show the way
We are here to bring his sunlight into the darkness of the day.
Sons of God, we’re children of the King
Purchased by the Blood of Christ, forgiven everything
But there are still so many more who need to see
He’s the Way, the Truth, the Life, and we are the ones who hold the key.
Now He calls us all to be like Him
To live each day reaching out with love till He comes again
For as He is, in this world so are we
And through the power of His love, we can heal and we can set the captives free.

Lyrics : Where The Rubber Meets The Road
The time has come for us to rise and take our rightful place
To throw off all that hinders, persevere and run the race
To fix our eyes on Jesus, the perfecter of our faith
And let Him take us through the fire, and burn the chaff away.
For far too long we’ve wallowed in complacency and sin
Believing that we had it made cause we were born again
Walking in our own way thinking we were serving Him
Well His Spirit has now drawn the line, are we out or are we in.
This is where the rubber meets the road
This is where we take our stand, or where we turn and go
No more compromising, we must do as we are told
This is where the rubber meets the road.
There’s a world that’s out there waiting for His truth to be revealed
There are people lost and hurting who need to know His love is real
We’re the one’s he wants to use to reach out, touch and heal
The time has come to walk by faith, and not by what we feel.
The time has come for us to rise and take our rightful place
The time has come for us to shine His light and show the way
The days are growing shorter, there is no time to waste
We can make a difference, but the choice is ours to make.