To See With New Eyes - Disc 2

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These songs speak of my journey to know Jesus in a greater way. They contain information He has shared with me over the years, and information which is quite fresh to me as well.  So I will join my voice with Paul's...and pray that as you listen to the songs, the eyes of your heart will be opened, and you will come into a greater awareness of who Jesus is, and who He is for you.

Karl Berg 2020

Vocals & acoustic guitar: KARL BERG
Recorded at SUMMIT SOUND - Engineered by DAVE DAW
Graphics By: KATHY DAW
Listen Count : 839
Lyrics : Now Is The Time
Now is the time, to be
Now is the time, to listen to Me
Now is the time, to stand, and not fear
Now is the time, My redemption draweth near
Now is the time, to open your eyes
Now is the time, to wake and arise
Now is the time, to stand and behold
Now is the time, to see My Word unfold
Now is the time, to believe
Now is the time, to place your trust in Me
Now is the time, to hold on to the truth
Now is the time, to stand and not be moved.
Now is the time, to know where you stand
Now is the time, to take hold of My hand
Now is the time, to come and know My heart
Now is the time, to know just who you are.
Now is the time, like never before
Now is the time, I open the door
Now is the time, you've waited to see
Now is the time, to know you're truly free
Now is the time, to open your hand
Now is the time, to heal the land
Now is the time, to stand and proclaim
Now is the time, to fully know My Name. 
© Karl Berg, April 2020

Lyrics : A Chosen Generation
The time has now come for the sons of God to arise
The time has now come to awake and put on the mantle of Christ
For He is the light, this world is longing to see
He holds the key, that can set the captives free. 
For too many years we’ve followed the ways of men
For too many years we’ve believed their lies and lived in the fear of them
But all is being shaken, the walls are now coming down
And we’re finding out who we are, and in Whom we’re found.
We are a chosen... generation, 
A Kingdom of Priests unto our God
In our own unique ways, reflecting His glory
Sharing His story, through the power of His love.
He’s calling us forward, and setting each one apart
He’s calling us forward releasing us into all He’s placed in our heart
All the dreams that have died, He’s bringing to life again
While showing us how to stand complete in Him.
The time has now come for the sons of God to arise
The time has now come to awake and put on the mantle of Christ   
All creation is longing to see us take our place
Longing for us to arise and show the way.
© Karl Berg, March 2011

Lyrics : The Voices Of Creation
From every tree to every mountain, from the oceans to the sky
From every living thing that breathes there comes the cry
When will it all be over, when will it finally end
When will the curse be lifted, when will we be whole again?
From the dawning of creation, from the Words “let there be light”
We lived in perfection, joy-filled our days and nights
We grew, we lived, we flourished, underneath our master's care                 
Until the day he disobeyed, and the curse came everywhere.
We are the voices of creation and we’re calling out to you
The time has come to waken to all He's called you to
You have been set free, through His love and sacrifice   
We’ve been waiting, we've been longing, O sons of God arise.
From sin came separation, from sin the death of man
From sin, came pain, and sickness, which spread throughout the land
We who had been so beautiful, so pure and undefiled
Were ravaged by the curse, and became fearful and wild 
From His Word came forth the promise that a Saviour would arise
And pay the debt for Adam's sin, by laying down His life
And through His blood, mankind would be, redeemed once and for all
But we would have to wait for you to wake and heed the call
Thousands of years have come and gone, and still, the curse remains
Can't you hear us calling, “O release us from these chains”
The weight keeps getting heavier for sin grows with each day
All of us are groaning, to be released from the decay.
© Karl Berg, March 2020

Lyrics : Let Love Be
Let Love be my vision, let love be my guide.
Let Love be the reason, I live my life.                  
Let Love be the constant, each step of the way.
Let Love be my strength, to stand, and to stay.
Let Love be my first thought, let love start my day.
Let Love be the standard, by which all things are made.
Let Love be the power, that displaces all fear.        
Let Love be my joy, and my hope through the years.
Let Love be my fortress, let Love be my guard.
Let Love be the banner, I raise in my heart.
Let Love be the truth, that lays everything bare.
Let Love be my peace, to disperse every care.
Let Love be my beacon, let Love be my star.
Let Love be the answer, to the questions that are.
Let Love be the light, in the midst of the dark.
Let Love be my passion, the fuel for my heart.
Let Love be my message, let Love be my song.
Let Love be the wisdom that bears it along.
Let Love be the anchor in the midst of the storm.
Let Love be my balm to a world that is torn.
Let Love be my comfort, let Love be my friend. 
Let Love be the fire, to refine me again. 
Let Love be the word, that gives the blindsight.
Let Love be my destiny and my delight. 
Let Love be my vision, let love be my guide.
Let Love be the reason, I live my life.                  
Let Love be the constant, each step of the way.
Let Love be my strength, to stand, and to stay.
© Karl Berg, June 2019

Lyrics : This Moment
Just before the breaking of the dawn
Sitting here in silence, the understanding comes
Yesterday is gone, and will never come again
All I have is this moment, in which to live.
As the light begins to spread across the sky
I watch the shadows fading, and begin to realize
Each day is a treasure, mine to take or give
But, all I have is this moment, in which to live.
All I have is this moment in time
All I have is this moment to hold your hand in mine
To love, to laugh, to listen, and somehow make a difference
All I have is this moment in time. 
As the sun begins to rise on this new day
Again I am reminded of how fast life can change
I cannot hold the future, for tomorrow never is
All I have is this moment, in which to live
And I would spend this one with you, It's simply what I want to do
Me with you, and you with me, this is where I want to be
© Karl Berg, December 2018

Lyrics : Found In You
Everything I want, everything I need, 
Everything that I could hope to be
All I need to know, all I want to do
Jesus, is found in You
Interlude:  2 lines
Everything I am, everything I'll be
Everything that is my destiny
All I'll ever know, All I'll ever do
Jesus, is found in You
And there is nowhere else I'd rather be
No one else I'd rather see
You brighten up my day, You lighten up my way
Jesus, what more can I say
Verse: 1
Interlude: 4 lines
Verse: 2
© Karl Berg, April 2019

Lyrics : Let It Be Unto Me
Let it be unto me, according to Your Word
Let it be unto me, as You say
May all You impart, anchor in my heart
Let it be unto me, this day
Lord, I've walked with You, all these many years
And somehow I've failed to see
All that I need, You have given unto me
I just need to learn how to receive
Lord, You've said to me, so many times
“You don't need to understand
Like those who've gone before, you need My Word, and nothing more
Trust, and you'll receive what lies in store.
Lord, take my hand, walk with me today
Let me hear the Words You Say
And though I may not see, I will stand, and I'll believe
I will wake, and I will receive.
© Karl Berg, June 2020

Lyrics : I Am Free
Before the world was ever formed before mankind was born
You saw the sin, You saw the need, and chose to come for me 
Through the greatness of Your love, and the shedding of Your blood                               
I have been redeemed, I have been set free
You took on flesh, You came to earth, through the virgin birth
You lived the life of every man, walking out Your Father's plan
Through Your amazing love, and the power of Your blood,
I have been redeemed, I have been set free
I am free, I am free, to live and move and be 
I am free, I am free, for all eternity
And no matter what may be, still, I choose to see                                    
I am free, I am free, to fulfill my destiny.
You took my sin, You paid the price, You laid down your life
You took my tears, You broke my chains, You opened up the way
So, now and for all time, I'll proclaim you're mine
I have been redeemed, I have been set free.
You were pierced for my transgressions, crushed for my iniquities             
The punishment that brought me peace, You bore 
You freely took my place, O what amazing grace
You took it all, and by Your stripes, I'm healed...
© Karl Berg, June 2020

Lyrics : To Know You
To know You, to know You, to walk with you my Lord
To know You, to know You, there's nothing I want more
So many things I thought I knew, are now falling away
So many things I thought were true, no longer have a say
Whatever things were gain to me, I now consider lost
Your greatness Lord, for me to see, is more than worth the cost.
Forgetting all that lies behind, pressing upward to the call
On You alone I fix my eyes, You are my all in all. 
© Karl Berg, May 2020

Lyrics : Your Word
Your Word is power, Your Word is truth
Your Word is wisdom for all we do
Your Word is comfort, Your Word is grace
Your Word is strength, from day to day
Your Word is holy, Your Word is pure
Your Word's a fortress, forever sure
Your Word is freedom, Your Word is peace
Your Word is all we'll ever need
Eternal Father, Gracious Son, 
Loving Spirit, You make us one
Your living Word within our hearts
Every day it's truth imparts
Your Word is fresh, Your Word's alive, 
Your Word's a fire that refines
Your Word is life, Your Word is health 
Your Word's provision, our very wealth
Your Word is hope, Your Word is light, 
Your Word's a sword, to win the fight
Your Word is faithful, Your Word is friend,
Your Word is Love that has no end
© Karl Berg, September 2015

Lyrics : Mystical Union
It’s a mystical union, between my Lord and me
It’s a mystical union, I in Christ, and Christ in me
And the more I come know Him, the more that I can see
It’s a mystical union, between my Lord and me
Jesus bore the curse when He died upon that tree
Taking on my sin, He gave His righteousness to me 
My past has been forgiven, the slate has been wiped clean
There is now no condemnation, for I have been redeemed
No longer am I my own, for He bought me with a price
Adopted as His chosen son, His life is now my life
A joint-heir in the family, His inheritance is mine
His heart is now my heart, and His mind is now my mind.
Before the earth was formed, the Lamb of God was slain
He saw Adam's sin, and He chose to make a way
Now I am one with the Father, I am one with the Son
And one with the Spirit, in a unity of love
© Karl Berg, May 2020

Lyrics : Holy Spirit
You're my Hope in times of trouble, You're my Shelter from the storm
You're the Light amidst the darkness, You're the Love that keeps me warm
You're my Road through the wilderness when I've lost my way
And You're the Mercy that welcomes me to the start of each new day.
Holy Spirit, You are the Lord, the giver of life
Holy Spirit, You are my Teacher and my Guide
My Comforter, and Friend, You are with me to the end
Holy Spirit, You're my Glory, and the lifter of my head
You're my Shield and my Defender, You're my strong High Tower
You're the Strength in my weakness, You're the Power of my power. 
You're my Joy amidst the sorrow, my Faith against the fear
You're the Grace that daily walks with me, and never fails to cheer
You're my Patience in the trial, You're my Peace that calms the seas
You're the Wisdom of the ancients, You're the truth that sets men free
You're my Healer, my Provider, my Source for every need
You're the living Word in season, that proclaims my destiny
© Karl Berg, May  2020

Lyrics : Daddy, I Love You
I know You’re here, cause You promised to me
You’d never change, You’d never leave
Here by my side, You’re talking to me
There’s nowhere else, I’d rather be.
So many years, searching in vain
Trying to find a cure for the pain
Formula driven, I couldn’t see
You were here all the time, waiting for me
Daddy,  I love You
I Don’t know why I didn’t see it this way before
Daddy,  I love You
Every day,  just a little bit more.
Storms all around, waves crashing in
Visions of failure, temptations to sin
Your banner of love protects me from harm
Safe and secure, I rest in Your arms.
I know You’re here, Your peace I can feel
Your presence surrounds me, so warm, and so real
You’re all I want, all I’ll ever need
Thank you my Father, for first loving me.
© Karl Berg, November 2004

Lyrics : My Father
My Father rules the heavens, the sun, the moon, the stars
My Father rules the oceans, and all things near and far
My Father is a lover of every person’s soul
He’s the One who sent His Son, to restore, and make us whole.
My Father owns the mountains, all the hills and streams
My Father owns the valleys, and all things in between
My Father is the Creator, all things are of His hand
And He’s the One who holds the key to me knowing who I am
I see Him in the moonlight on the freshly fallen snow
I smell Him in the fragrance of the newly blossomed rose.
I hear Him in the thunder as it rolls through the heavens above
I feel Him in the sunshine, as He surrounds me with His love.
My Father writes the music that all creation sings
My Father writes the stories of each and everything
My Father is the author of all the beauty that I see
He’s the One who paints the rainbow and the sunset just for me
My Father brings me comfort, when pain is all around
My Father brings me wisdom, when answers can’t be found
My Father’s the provider, He knows all that I need
He’s the One who is my constant, always there for me.
My Father holds tomorrow, the future’s in His hands
My Father holds my destiny, I can trust His plan
My Father is eternal, always was, and will always be
The Alpha, the Omega, everything to me.
© Karl Berg, June 2010

Lyrics : It's Time To Rise
Lyrics : Just Be You
Everywhere around you walls are falling
Foundations you’ve relied upon are crumbling apart
Everything you’ve known now is changing
But this is not the ending, no, this is but the start.....you see
For far too long you’ve followed man’s traditions
Believing that you had to serve, as your duty, and your part
But you need to know it’s not your true position
You are not my servant, you’re the child of my heart....so
Just be you, and I’ll come through
Just be you, and you will find, there is nothing you can’t do
For long before you came to be, I planned your destiny
And all that you would do, I prepared for you.
I know that in your human-ness you struggle
Trying to walk in holiness, trying to live each day
But do not be discouraged when you stumble
For it’s in those times of weakness that I can show my  strength.....now
Now each and every one of you is a wonder
Uniquely formed and fashioned, precious in my sight
And if you’ll walk with me you will discover
It’s who you are, not what you do, that lets me shine my light....so
© Karl Berg, July 2010

Lyrics : It's Time To See With New Eyes
A new day's dawning and all around
Your truth is breaking up the fallow ground
The ways of man are coming down
Your remnant is waking to a brand new sound 
The trumpet's sounding for all who'll hear
Your truth is exposing all pride and fear
Wisdom is calling “let all draw near”
Darkness is fleeing as Your light appears
It's time to see with new eyes, hear with new ears 
Know You in ways we've never known You before
It's time to wake to the truth, of all that You are
Open up our eyes, Lord reveal to us Your heart.
The sun is rising, the season's change, 
Your truth is shattering the prisoner's chains
Eyes once blinded now can see again
Your Kingdom comes, to forever reign.
© Karl Berg, October 2019