Freedom - Disc 2 - The Journey

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“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm then and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” ( Gal. 5:1 ) Yoke: An oppressive force or influence. Jesus set us free from every yoke when He rose from the dead. It is our responsibility now to stand and resist them. “The Awakening” speaks to this truth, and to how the Lord is waking His Church to the freedom He paid the price for. “The Journey” is my own walk to freedom with the Lord. May all who hear these songs be drawn into a greater intimacy with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Karl Berg     2009

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Lyrics : Through the Veil
I have called you to lead my people on
I have called you to lead my people home
I have called you to show the way, 
I’ll tell you all you’ll have to say, so you will know
Through the veil of darkness you must go.
There in the darkness, where no one can see
My people live in bondage crying to be free
But without my Word they’ll never see the light of the cross
And I didn’t come to die that my people should be lost....so
There in the darkness, my people cry in pain
Striving for life’s riches just to find they’re all in vain
They’re searching for the answer that will lead them to the light
But without my Word they’ll only stumble deeper into the night....so
There in the darkness, the only light you’ll see
Is my Word set forth to guide you, my light to set men free
So take my Word and let it shine as a candle in the night
Lead my people homeward, bring them out into the light....for

Lyrics : Nothing Left To Lose
Lord I hear You calling, gently calling
Calling me to give my life away
Surrender everything, and simply trust you
Then follow you each and every day.
But You never said that freedom would come easy
You never said there wouldn’t be a price to pay
But you promised that you would never leave me
And that you would stay beside me all the way.
Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose
Finally releasing all control
Freedom is a sweet surrender living life with You
Knowing there is nothing You can’t do
Knowing that Your love can see me through
With all my heart O Lord I want to serve you
But selfishness keeps getting in the way
The more I try the more I seem to stumble
Somehow I can’t seem to lose the chains
I’ve come to see that freedom is a process
Where one dies a little every day.
More and more transformed into your likeness
Where pride and fear no longer have a place..
Lord I hear you calling, gently calling
Calling me to give my life away
So everything to you Lord I surrender
Let me live in your mercy and your grace.

Lyrics : Journey of Love
I met you many years ago amidst the hurt and pain
There in the darkness Lord, I heard you call my name
I felt your arms come round me, heard you whisper in my ear
“I will never leave you, there is nothing more to fear.”
And I began this journey of love,  A wonderful journey of love
Walking with the One who made the moon and stars above, 
I began this journey of love.
As the days and weeks went by I came to know you cared
Every time I called to You, Lord You were always there
Walking with me through the storms, and keeping me from harm
Lord I found my comfort resting in your arms.
And I was on this journey of love, An amazing journey of love
Discovering a Kingdom that I knew nothing of,  On this journey of love.
As I grew temptations came and I began to stray
I never really turned from You, but I was living my own way
I somehow thought that I could have my cake and eat it too
I didn’t really understand, that I was grieving You.
I was on this journey of love, A challenging journey of love
Learning to surrender, all that I was dreaming of, On this journey of love.
Then one day You came to me, and made it very clear
There were things within my life that had to disappear
Roots of selfishness and pride, hidden from my sight
You wanted to expose them, and purge them from my life.
Now I am on this journey of love, A painful journey of love
And though I may not like it, I know we will overcome, On this journey of love.
Now slowly as the days go by, I come to know you more
Learning how to trust in You for all that lies in store
Well life may not be easy Lord, but I have come to see
There is simply no where else that I would rather be
Than with You on this journey of love, This life-long journey of love
Walking with the One who made the moon and stars above, 
On this journey of love. 

Lyrics : I Believe
I believe you are the Way, the Truth and the Life
I believe we are to walk by faith and not by sight
I believe you hold the answers to all life’s ill and pain
I believe you paid the price to make us whole again.
I believe, I believe
You bore all my sickness in your body on the tree
I believe, I believe
You became the curse, I have been set free... I believe.
I believe you are Messiah, God’s anointed Son
I believe there is a purpose, and a plan for everyone
I believe you hold the power of life within your hands
I believe we prosper when we follow your commands.
I believe you are the Living Word, Creator of all things
I believe we are your children, sons and daughters of the King
I believe you hold tomorrow, and all those things we cannot see
I believe all things are possible, for those who will believe.
In spite of every circumstance, no matter how things seem
I’ll not be moved by what I feel, or moved by what I see.... for

Lyrics : Freedom's Wings
You knew me before You ever formed me.
You saw all my days before one ever came to be.
And though You knew I’d let You down, still You stayed around.
You purposed and You planned my destiny.
Through the years often times I struggled.
Not knowing who I was or where my life would lead.
Bound by Satan’s lies, I believed I couldn’t fly,
till You sent Your Word and set my spirit free.
On the wings of freedom You lift me high, soaring far into the sky.
High above the earth’s domain,
Free from the hurt, and pain.
On freedom’s wings I’ll fly, I’ll fly away.
You’ve called me to fly like the eagle,
in the Spirit to soar each time I sing,
And though I may not understand, all that You have planned,
I know You’ll be the wind beneath my wings.
Spending every moment Lord with You
There is nothing I would rather do
This world is not my home, I’m Yours and Yours alone
All I need will be mine if I’m with You.

Lyrics : Praise
Out of the mouth’s of babes and sucklings, You’ve commanded praise
To silence and still the enemy, and open up a way
Lord, you said if I would praise You, and glorify Your name
You would come in power, and break every yoke and chain
Judah was in trouble, their future was in doubt
The armies of three nations, were coming to wipe them out
But when the king sent out the singers, to sing praises to You Lord
You set an ambush, and those armies were destroyed.
Paul and Silas were in prison, for setting a slave girl free
They’d been whipped and beaten, then bound both hands and feet
But when they started singing, praises to You Lord
You sent an earthquake, that opened up the doors.
So now when life’s a struggle, and I don’t understand
I will choose to trust in You, reach out and take Your hand
Yes, I will sing Your praises, for I know that when I do
You will make a way for me, You will see me through.   
Yes, I will sing Your praises, for I know that when I do
You will make a way for me, yes You will see me through. 

Lyrics : Calling Me
I don’t want to play with fire anymore
I’m tired of living on the edge
I don’t want to play the game anymore
It’s time to get off the fence
I don’t want to walk in compromise anymore
I’m tired of living in a lie
I don’t want to pay the price anymore
It’s already gotten too high
Now You’re calling me to be holy, 
To live my life for you
You’re calling me to be holy
In all I say, in all I do.
I don’t want to live outside the Truth anymore
I’m tired of walking in the night
I don’t want to play the fool anymore
It’s time to turn on the light.
Chorus: (x2)
Repeat vs. 1
The choice is mine to make
Which road I’m going to take
And you won’t choose for me
It’s why you set me free

Lyrics : I'm Not Moved
When the devil comes a-calling bringing sickness and disease
When my eyes and nose start running, and with every breath I sneeze
When my body’s aching from my head down to my toes
I take my stand on the Word of God until every symptom goes......cause
I’m not moved by what I feel, I’m not moved by what I see
I am only moved by what the Word of God says to me
And it says I’ve been redeemed, from the curse I’ve been set free
I’m saved, I’m healed, I’m sanctified, and I have all I’ll ever need.
When the devil comes a-lying telling me that times are tough
That I’ll always be in debt, and I’ll never have enough
When he tries to sow his seeds of unbelief and fear
I take a-hold of the Word of God and yell this in his ear.
When the devil comes through people, to oppose and tear me down
Trying to make me pack my bags and get out of town
When the persecution rages all around me everywhere
I find my refuge in His Word and then boldly I declare.
So when the devil comes a-calling, it doesn’t matter what he brings
persecution, fear or sickness, I can handle anything
Cause I just turn my eyes on Jesus, the perfecter of my faith
Secure in Him I take my stand, and then walk upon the waves.  

Lyrics : I Don't Want Religion
I don’t want religion Lord, all I want is you
I don’t want a bunch of man-made rules trying to tell me what to do
All I want is to hear Your voice, and the things You have to say
I don’t want religion Lord it only gets in the way.
As far as I can remember Lord, I believed in You
And everything the Bible said, well I believed was true
But they were only stories of what happened long ago
So how was I to realize there was more of You to know.
They taught me how to sing the hymns, they taught me how to pray
They taught me how to live my life the so called ‘Christian way’
They taught me all these different rules they said were in Your Word
Some of which I must admit I found a bit absurd.
Now I don’t mean to criticize or put anybody down
Cause I am sure that they all did the best that they knew how
But all they seemed to know of You were traditions taught of men
For though in Your Word, I never heard ...you must be born again.
But through You grace and mercy Lord, I finally heard the truth
I’d never get to heaven just by doing things for You
I found out that Salvation was a gift, and it was free
All I had to do was turn to You and by faith receive.
Now since that day and down through the years I’ve come to realize 
That living by tradition can tend to paralyze
And while rules and regulations are important there’s no doubt
When they will not bend or move they keep Your Spirit out.

Lyrics : I Want to Live in the Kingdom of God
I want to live in the Kingdom of God, not in the realm of this world                           
For here there is sickness, here there is pain, fussing and fighting for riches and fame                                                     
But there, there is peace, there, there is health, Joy unspeakable wholeness and wealth 
I want to live in the Kingdom of God, not in the realm of this world.
The Kingdom of God is among us, the Kingdom of God is near
And though we can’t see it, touch or feel it, the Kingdom of God is here                
And all who have come to know Jesus, have entered this Kingdom of light                                                                                   
But what I can’t see, is once they are free, some still choose to live in the night.
The Kingdom of God is eternal, the Kingdom of God cannot change
And for those who will seek it, and above all embrace it,  His blessings will come their way.
But the Kingdom is not for cowards, or for those who don’t want to fight
For it’s advancing each day, through the power of His Name, tearing down the strongholds of night.
If we’re going to live in the Kingdom, there are choices we’ll have to make
We must trust and believe, when we can’t feel or see, and love, when we want to hate.
So let’s fix our eyes upon Jesus, the Perfecter of our faith
And as we heed and obey all that He has to say, we’ll walk in the Kingdom each day.

Lyrics : I Choose to Forgive
The Wisdom of God is foolishness to man
The way of life he doesn’t understand
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
Demanding justice, without looking at the truth.
But what we do not understand, what we fail to see
It’s that very justice that prevents us getting free
Cause when we choose to hold on to the injury and pain
Bitterness takes root and binds us with it’s chains..... so 
I choose to forgive, I choose to let go
I choose to leave behind this struggle in my soul
Though I may never understand, still one thing I know
I’m free when I forgive, I’m free when I let go.
Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay
Just leave it in my hands, let me do things my own way
Forgive, and you’re forgiven, give and you’ll receive
There’s mercy and freedom for all who come to me....so
I will walk in freedom every day
I will not let bitterness take root and stay....because

Lyrics : Let Me Be Your Beacon
Let me be your beacon, let me shine your light
Let me take it deep into the darkness of the night
I want to make a difference, in this world each day
Let me be your beacon Lord, let me light the way.
A city on a hill cannot be hidden
For it’s light shines throughout the night
Bring hope to the lost and weary traveler
With a message that things will be alright.
Much the same can be said about the lighthouse
That stands alone on that cold, wet, windy shore
Shining forth the light, piercing the darkness
Guiding the wayward sailor home.
In many ways, this world is lost in darkness
And many people are searching for the light
But everything that this world has to offer
Only takes them deeper into the night.
Lord you said we are the light of this world
And you said if we would only take a stand
The things we’d say and do would make a difference
And your light would shine through us throughout the land.

Lyrics : Let Go
When the storm clouds gather, when the thunder starts to roll
When circumstances overwhelm, and I feel I’ve lost control
When fear is all around me, and I don’t know what to do
I hear you gently say “let go, and I will see you through”....so
I cast my care upon you Lord, I know you care for me
I choose to place my trust in You, not in what I see
For the things I see are temporal, the things I see can change
But Lord You stand forever, You remain the same.
When I’m standing at a crossroads, and I’m not sure which way  to go
When the pressures of this life war against my soul
When the burdens get so heavy, I cannot seem to stand
 I hear you gently say to me “ let go, and take My hand.”.....so
When my trust has been betrayed, when offences come
When the pride inside insists that justice must be done
When bitterness and anger seem to surface every day
I hear you softly say “let go, I have a better way.”.....so
In every situation, I have come to see
You are always faithful, as You promised You would be.
So when I face tomorrow, and I don’t understand
I will choose to just let go, and place my life within Your hands.

Lyrics : One Step At A Time
Seems the road that I’ve been on has reached an end.
Darkness now surrounds me, I can’t see what lies ahead.
Questions fill my mind, answers I can’t find,
Lord, I need to know the reason why?
It seemed like things were going o so well,
When the light ahead just disappeared, to where I couldn’t tell.
Lord I’m so confused, I don’t know what to do,
But still somehow I know I must follow you....So I’ll just take it...
One step at a time, walking day by day.
One step at a time, as you show me the way.
And though I may not understand I’ll place my trust in you.
One step at a time, o Lord you’ll see me through.
The pain of disappointment’s hard to take.
And Lord I’ve often wondered if there wasn’t some mistake.
Still I know your Word is true, I’m nothing without you,
And I know you will show me what to do.....If I’ll just take it...
Lord you’ve hemmed me in on every side.
So even if I tried to run, I know there’d be no place to hide.
My life is in your hands, I’m at your command,
All I ask o Lord is the strength to stand....So I can take it...

Lyrics : You Can Walk On The Air
The time has come for miracles, the time has come to shine
The time has come for the world to see, I’m yours and you are mine
The time has come to awaken, to all you were meant to be
Everything is upside-down to what you now perceive....
Don’t you know you can walk on air
You can do anything I say you can do
Don’t you know you can walk on air
All things are possible for you.
It all starts with relationship, just you and Me each day
Learning how to hear My voice, and all I have to say
Learning how to trust Me, in all your circumstance
Learning how to walk by faith, with nothing left to chance...
Now, the more you come to know of Me, the more that you will find
A freedom like you’ve never known, where fear is left behind 
And the more that you awaken, the more that you will see
Miracles are a way of life, for those who walk with me....
So, when the road has ended, When the bridge is out
You won’t surrender to worry, fear or doubt....cause
Chorus: You will know....