On The Wings Of An Eagle

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“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint.” ( Is. 40:31 )

An eagle does not strive to fly. The eagle uses the updraft from the thermal wind currents to bear it aloft, where it soars effortlessly. In turn we also need to learn to wait on the Lord and allow His
Spirit to bear us up, for then we will be able to soar over life’s difficulties. 

It is my prayer that as you listen to these songs you will be lifted up on the music, as on the wings of an eagle and you will fly.

Karl Berg      2002

Listen Count : 5960
Lyrics : Walk By Faith And Not By Sight
For many years we sailed this ship as we thought best as we saw fit
But we never seemed to travel very far
Now and then a breeze would blow, fill the sails and off we’d go
But it seemed to stop right after it would start, we never really knew the Savior’s heart.. and He said
Walk by faith and not by sight, it’s not by strength it’s not by might
It’s only by my Spirt, by my Spirit says the Lord
Don’t rely on what your see, what you think is just might not be
You really do not know what lies in store, you really do not know what lies in store.
Slowly as the years went by, we began to wonder why
The vision for our ship wasn’t fulfilled
So we asked the Lord what we should do, should we make a change or two
All we really wanted was His will, we were simply tired of standing still.... and He said
Then one day the Word came down, it’s time to turn the ship around
And head it out into open sea
Though you may not understand, I will be your guiding hand
All you have to do is follow me, just follow, trust and believe... and He said
Now the waves they grew so big and tall, they made the ship seem very small
Still we set our course straight into the wind
Lightning flashed and thunder roared, as we sailed into the storm
Knowing that we must not give in, the course is set we can’t go back again... We must
Walk by faith and not by sight, it’s not by strength it’s not by might
It’s only by the Spirit, by the Spirit of the Lord
We can’t rely on what we see, what we think is just might not be
We really do not know what lies in store, we really do not know what lies in store
So we must trust and follow the Lord. 

Lyrics : Arise
On down through the centuries, the Church has slumbered on
Waking for brief moments, but never for too long
Well the night is nearly over, daylight’s on it’s way
The time has come, we must awake, and take a stand today.
Arise, ye chosen of the Father
Arise, and take your rightful place
For we are priests within the Father’s service
And we are called to live a life of faith
Stir up the gifts within you
Fan those coals into flame
For there’s a world out there waiting
For someone to show the way.
For far too long now Christians have been fighting with themselves
Over man-made doctrines, and very little else
But the Spirit of the Lord is moving once again
And He’s calling us to unity, man with every man.
Now you and I may be the only light some people see
So we must walk in holiness, and live in purity
Cause words today mean nothing, people need to see
The power of the Spirit flowing out from you and me.

Lyrics : Sticks And Stones
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me
These are the words that I so often used to say
But I failed to realize, I couldn’t run and hide
For the words still cut deeper than the longest sharpest knife
Those words cut deep and changed my very life.
Fatty, fatty two by four, couldn’t get through the washroom door
These were some of the many words of death I heard each day
But I determined from the start, to avoid the fiery darts
By building up a fortress all around my aching heart.
Standing on the outside, forever looking in
Somehow I always felt that I could never win
And as the years went by, I learned how not to cry
By building up my fortress walls so strong and deep and high.
Not so many years ago, I gave my life, heart, and soul
To the only One who had the power to set my spirit free
And in His own sweet gentle way, Jesus took away the pain
And brick by brick my walls came down and I’ve never been the same.
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me
These are the words that I so often used to say
But since I’ve met the Lord, my life has been restored
And those words that cut so deeply don’t matter anymore
Those words that cut so deeply just don’t matter anymore. 

Lyrics : Nothing Is Impossilbe
When the storm clouds of trouble roll into my life
And darkness seems to touch way down into my soul
When everything I feel tells me to run away and hide
Somehow through it all, still I know.
In Your hands, in Your time, everything will work out fine
Nothing is impossible with You.
No matter what the world may say, I know there’s no other way
Nothing is impossible with You.
When the burdens grow so heavy, they seem impossible to bear
When the light at the end of the tunnel disappears.
When everywhere I look, no one seems to care
Somehow through it all, still I know.
When the tide of oppression rises in my life
When every hope seems lost, and there’s nowhere else to go.
When everything I feel tells me to run away and hide
Somehow through it all, still I know.

Lyrics : On The Wings Of An Eagle
As long as I can remember, all I’ve wanted to do is sing
Songs of love, songs of nature, songs of praises to my King
For something in the music touches deep inside of me
Where it heals my hurt, soothes my soul, and sets my spirit free.
Oh I will mount up on the wings of the music
Like an eagle I will soar throughout the sky
High over mountains, lakes and valleys I will fly, I will fly
And the melody will lift me higher, and take me closer to the throne
Till at last I am standing in the presence
Of the One who calls me His own.
Long before I even knew Him, the Lord birthed within my soul
A desire to sing His music, everywhere I go
And His Spirit keeps reminding me of His call upon my life
To preach His message boldly, through every song I write.
Now a day is surely coming, and I know it won’t be long
When I’ll stand before my Savior and sing for Him my song
And forever I’ll be grateful for this gift He’s given me
And for the freedom that I’ve come to know every time I sing.

Lyrics : The Potter And The Clay
When I look back on my life, and I see how far I’ve come
Lord I stand amazed at all the things you’ve done
For you took this broken vessel, and you placed it on Your wheel
And one by one as You touched the cracks, they began to heal.
You are the Potter, I am the clay
Conform me to Your image Lord, more and more each day
Take this earthen vessel, fill it with Your love
So the world will see Your light in me, shining like the sun
Take this earthen vessel Lord, fill it with Your love
So the world will see Your light in me, shining like the sun.
Seems so long ago, must have been another time
Lord I was so empty without You in my life
Though it seemed that I was happy, it was really just a lie
And one by one little cracks appeared, as I crumbled from inside.
Slowly as Your wheel turned, my life began to change
And somehow I just knew inside, I’d never be the same
Now you’re forming me into, a vessel built for you
One who will stand tall and strong, one forever true.

Lyrics : I Believe In You
There is nothing in this world I desire more than You
Because no matter what has happened you’ve been there to see me through
You’ve always been faithful, Lord You’ve never let me down
You broke the chains that bound me, and turned my life around.
I believe in You, and all the things You’ve said and done
I believe in You, You are God’s Anointed Son
You are Ruler of the universe, a mighty conquering King
Creator, and Redeemer, Lord You are my everything.
And You’re the One thing in my life I know will never change
And no matter what may happen I know You’ll always stay the same
You’ll always be with me every step along the way
Jesus You’re the sunshine, that brightens up my day.
You’re all I need O Lord, You’re my one desire
None can take Your place, none can lift me higher

Lyrics : Are You Sold Out For Jesus
Are you sold out for Jesus, are you sold out for Him
Are you willing to do anything to let His light shine in
Are you living like today could be the day He comes again
Are you sold out for Jesus, are you sold out for Him.
If you want to be a Christian, you’d better know right from the start
A commitment to the Lord must be in whole and not in part
For when Jesus came and died He gave us all He had to give
So you must do the same if you want to follow Him.
If you walked into a room and were the only Christian there
And you felt the Spirit prompt you to open up and share
Would you take a step of faith, would you willingly obey
Or would you go with the temptation to turn and run away.
If your friends came up and asked you to do something that was wrong
And you felt you would be laughed at if you didn’t go along
Would you hold to your conviction, would you stand and not give in
Or would you bend to the peer pressure, and walk right into sin.
Now the World is out there watching every little thing you do 
Cause it wants to see if everything you say is really true
But if the life you lead does not reflect the things you say
This world is going to think your faith is just another game.
So if you’re going to be a Christian, there’s a choice that you must make
You can serve the Lord with all your heart and mind and soul and strength
Or you can live for Him half-heartedly and never grow in faith
But then your reward in Heaven will reflect the choice you make.

Lyrics : Reach Out
Jesus said:
Go out into the world and make disciples of all men
Go out into the world, make the lost your friend
Reach out with compassion, let them know you care
Let the love of Jesus be the healing balm you bear.
Reach out in the Name of Jesus
Reach out in the Name of the Lord
You can make a difference to this lost and dying world
Being a living testimony to the power of His Word.
Jesus said:
I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life
And anyone who comes to Me his spirit I’ll revive
But how can they turn to Him when they’ve never heard
You are Christ’s ambassador, you must spread His Word.
Jesus said:
Father forgive them, for they know not what they do
Father forgive them, and draw them unto you
Now when you’re persecuted, insulted and put down
Just remember Jesus when He wore His thorny crown.
So in every situation, in everything you do
You must be the beacon that lets His light shine through
For the world out there’s in darkness, and the people need to see
It’s the power of His Spirit that brings true liberty.

Lyrics : Run The Race
When you answered the call to follow the Lord
He never told you   your life would be easy                         
But He promised He would stay, close beside you all the way
He promised He would never leave you...so
Run the race with courage,   run the race in faith
Run as if to win the prize, run with all your strength
Set your sights on that mark ahead, and press on to the goal
And as you persevere you’ll find the more that you will grow.
When your worries and your cares begin to weigh you down
And you’re thinking, you can’t go on much longer
When you feel you want to quit, or maybe just give in a bit
Just remember He’s always right beside you...so
When the persecution comes, when people mock what you believe
And you wonder why it has to happen
Know the testing of your faith, is so that you can grow in grace
To the honour and the glory of the Father...so
When you answered the call to follow the Lord
He never told you your life would be easy
Yet to all who’ll hold on, persevere and overcome
He has promised a crown of life forever...so

Lyrics : Faith Is The Substance
By the power of His spoken Word, all the world’s were made
Light broke through the darkness, and His power was displayed
Everything that ever was, all that will ever be
Is subject to the Word of God, the Truth that sets men free.
Created in His image, we are children of the light
And we are called to walk each day, by faith and not by sight
Though we may not understand, and though we cannot see
Jesus said “Blessed are those who haven’t seen yet still believe”
Faith is the substance of things that are hoped for, the evidence of things not seen
Holding on to the Word of God when life is coming apart at the seams
Faith is calling those things that are not, as though they were
Standing firm on the Word of the Lord, and knowing for sure.
Too often we live by our senses, by the things we feel and see
Not knowing  they don’t have to be, our reality
Poverty, and sickness, misery, and pain
Are simply facts of a fallen world, the Word of God can change.
So ask and it shall be given, seek and you will find
Believe that you receive, and you’ll know true peace of mind
For as it was in the beginning, now and will always be
Nothing is impossible for those who will believe.

Lyrics : It's In His Word
I’ve been reading His Word lately
And His Spirit is helping me see
That we are destroyed through our lack of knowledge
Even though we have been set free.
We’re still walking around in bondage
Trusting only in what we can see
Believing the lies spoken into our minds
Very simply, we are being deceived.
It’s in His Word, there for all to see
It’s in His Word, we’ve been redeemed
From every sickness and pain, every curse of the law
He broke the chains and destroyed them all
It’s in His Word, It’s in His Word.
Jesus said “It is finished”
He paid the price once and for all
And it wasn’t simply just for the sin of the world
But for every effect of the fall.
I’ve been reading His Word lately
And His Spirit is helping me see
When circumstances look grim, we should never give in
His truth can over ride anything.

Lyrics : Faith Is
When trouble overtakes you like an overwhelming flood
Or like a mountain that seems to reach the sky.
Just remember there is nothing that can’t be overcome
If you have the faith to stand upon His Word.
Faith can move a mountain or calm a troubled sea
Faith is believing, though you cannot see.
Faith is obeying, though you do not understand
Faith is believing God has a better plan.
When you feel Him gently call you to step out in His Name
Don’t let your foolish pride stand in the way.
But just remember that all things work out when you obey
When you have the faith to stand upon His Name.
So when you walk with the Lord in the power of His Word
you know, nothing can stand in your way.
For every mountain will crumble, every enemy will fall
As you stand in faith and declare Him Lord of all.

Lyrics : High Above
When your world seems dark and gray, when the clouds won’t go away
And it feels like the rain will never end
When, no matter how you try, you just can’t find the reason why
Know that the sun will shine again.
For high above the clouds of gray, the sun still shines forth every day
And even though it can’t be seen, understand it doesn’t mean,
No, no, no, that it’s not there, 
For it’s up there shining clear and bright, pouring out it’s warmth and light
And it won’t ever go away.
When your friends have let you down, when pain is all around
And all you want is to run away and hide
When it seems no matter what you do, no one knows what you are going through
Know that the Lord is by your side.
And high above your circumstance, the Lord is working out His plan
And even though you cannot see, doesn’t change the reality
No, no, no, that He’s still there
For the Lord who reigns from Heaven above, is forever pouring out His love
And He won’t ever go away.
Into each life a little rain must fall, on the just and the unjust one and all
And there’ll be times when you may feel you’re all alone
But one thing you must understand, He holds your life within His hands
Know you are never on your own.
For high above this world you know, the Lord is in complete control
And even though you cannot see, doesn’t change the reality
No, no, no, He’s Lord of all
So when the storms of life come round, and circumstances bring you down