Between the Lines

The fragrance of the red rose is one of nature's beautiful scents, and it reminds me of HimJune 2010, Haileybury, Ontario - A friend I was with said, “you're going to write a song tomorrow”. I hadn't written anything in almost 4 months, so I was a little skeptical. I woke up around 5 the next morning but decided I didn't want to get up. 15 minutes later, I was prompted to get up and go sit out by the lake. As I sat there, I felt the Lord ask me how I perceived him, using my senses.

This began the song that took a little over two weeks to complete but opened my eyes to my Heavenly Father, in a much greater way. I had grown up in the mainline traditional church system, so the image of my Heavenly Father was skewed, to say the least. I was taught that He was a righteous angry God that was looking to discipline those who were disobedient. It wasn't till many years later, that I began to wake up to who really is my Heavenly Father.

The chorus uses 4 of the 5 senses to describe how I perceive my Heavenly Father. When thinking of the sense of sight, I can remember years ago being outside on a deep, cold winter night. The moon was low in the sky, shining brightly off the newly fallen snow, causing it to sparkle like diamonds. The awe I felt in that moment has never left me.

The fragrance of the red rose is one of nature's beautiful scents, and it reminds me of Him. Thunderstorms, I have always liked thunderstorms. The rolling clouds, the rumble of the approaching storm, and the crash in midst of it. I hear Him in the storm. Finally, when thinking about my sense of touch I'm reminded of what it feels like to walk out of an air-conditioned environment into a hot, humid day. The feeling of the heat wrapping itself around me I liken to His love. 

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