Between the Lines

The fragrance of the red rose is one of nature's beautiful scents, and it reminds me of HimJune 2010, Haileybury, Ontario - A friend I was with said, “you're going to write a song tomorrow”. I hadn't written anything in almost 4 months, so I was a little skeptical. I woke up around 5 the next morning but decided I didn't want to get up. 15 minutes later, I was prompted to get up and go sit out by the lake. As I sat there, I felt the Lord ask me how I perceived him, using my senses.

This began the song that took a little over two weeks to complete but opened my eyes to my Heavenly Father, in a much greater way. I had grown up in the mainline traditional church system, so the image of my Heavenly Father was skewed, to say the least. I was taught that He was a righteous angry God that was looking to discipline those who were disobedient. It wasn't till many years later, that I began to wake up to who really is my Heavenly Father.

Her life had been bumpy, to say the least...In 1998 my sister-in-law asked me to write a song for my niece's baptism...(she was only a few months old at the time). As I was writing the song the Lord reminded me of something that had been spoken over me a few years before... “I sense there wasn't much of a celebration on earth the day you were born, but I want you to know there was a celebration in heaven” That message ended up in the chorus with the line "All of heaven celebrated the day that you were born"   I sang the original song at her baptism.

A couple of years later the Lord had me re-write the song so it could be applicable to anyone. 

The first verse and the chorus remained the same, the other two verses were changed. Since then It is probably the one song that has had the most impact on people's lives.