By Bruce Watts

Karl was in the studio this week recording his 13th CDKarl was in the studio this week recording his 13th CDKarl was recording a new CD this week and I was there. It will be brilliant.

37 years ago in a small apartment in Ottawa, I was with Karl recording some of his first music stylings on a portable audio cassette recorder I borrowed from my dad. The product was a recording of the times, however the quality of sound was suspect at best and the product was never shared publicly.

Fast forward to today and Karl is at Summit Sound Inc Studios in Westport Ontario. At the helm of the recording is David Daw. Dave is president and chief engineer with 30 years of experience.  This process is leaps and bounds over the original recording session 4 decades earlier.

The equipment used today fills 3 rooms and costs about the same as the whole apartment building did in the 70’s.  The prestine quality of sound is no comparison to Karl's first recordings.

The professionalism and knowledge quietly flowed from Dave’s gentle manner.  Watching him work was like observing a master painter creating precision brush strokes on a clean canvas.  There was never any doubt of his skills.
The "Deliverer" guitar strap - a gift from a friendThe "Deliverer" guitar strap - a gift from a friend

Karl on the other hand totally trusted Dave with all the tech stuff, while he confidently strummed and sung the base tracks on his 13th CD.  

Karl was relaxed and patient as his laid down the new tracks.   Karl and David as a team made it all look so easy.

There is something to be said for experience and professionalism.

About the CD itself.  It would be better for Karl to explain the nuances and meaning of the new musical compilation, however I can say “A Clarion Call” has the potential to be one of Karl’s best.

5 hours later, the vocal and guitar tracks were laid, and tomorrow the remaining musicians will record the bass,  and electric guitar.

It was such a thrill to be part of this process and I can’t wait to hear the finished product.

Dave Daw is the chief engineer at Summit Sound Inc StudiosDave Daw is the chief engineer at Summit Sound Inc Studios