You Chose The Foolish Things

Spiritual - Karl Berg
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Lyrics : You Chose The Foolish Things
You chose the foolish things of this world to confound the wise
You chose the weak things of this world to shame the strong         
You chose the lowly, and despised, and the things that are not
To nullify the things that are. 
So that no one may boast before You, no one will stand and say
This is what I did for You Lord, it's my claim to fame
No, You won't share Your glory with anybody else
The lowly and the humble You've chosen for Yourself
Born in a lowly stable, not the palace of a king
Born to a lowly maiden, not a princess, or a queen
You lived among the outcast, you walked with them each day
You spoke about your Kingdom, and revealed to them the way
The time has come and even now the world will begin see
Your glory flow through those least likely to succeed
For You look on the heart, not on what is seen
Yes, You'll reveal Yourself through those the world does not esteem.