Waking Me Up

Spiritual - Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Waking Me Up
For years I walked in darkness, thinking I could see
For years I lived in bondage, thinking I was free
I was taught to serve You, but I didn't understand
You just wanted me to know You, and freely take Your hand 
Step by step, and day by day, You drew me to Your side
Step by step, through Your Word, You dismantled every lie.
You revealed Your love to me, in ways I'd never known
Now, You let me know You've chosen me to be Your very own
You're waking me up, causing me to see
You're waking me up, to all I'm called to be
It's a new day, and now is the time
You're waking me up, preparing me to shine.
Each day's a new beginning, the former things are gone
Each day's a new adventure, in knowing I belong
A world of awe, and wonder is opening to me
Jesus, there is nowhere else that I would rather be.