With You

Spiritual - Karl Berg
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Lyrics : With You
I sit here in the early morning hour
O Lord, l know you're here with me
And even though I may not feel your presence
You have said that you would never leave.
In the stillness of this moment I draw nearer
O Lord, I want to know you more
And, It's the only thing my heart desires
Lead me where I've never been before
With You, with You, there is nowhere else I'd rather be, 
Than here with You
With You, with You, in every way You make may life complete, 
You do, You do
And, nothing can compare, with the moments that we share
Nothing can compare to being with You
I've come to see You're never in a hurry
O Lord, You just want to be with me
I must admit I find it so amazing
And in many ways, still hard to believe.
You are everything I've ever wanted
O Lord, You're all I'll ever need
So sitting here waiting in Your presence
Is the greatest place that I could ever be