Strip Away

Spiritual - Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Strip Away
The ways of man are falling, the walls are coming down
Chains that long have bound us, are falling to the ground
Freedom is advancing, truth is being restored
We are being awakened to things we've never seen before
Our weakness, You're exposing, all is being laid bare
Your fire is consuming the darkness hidden there
You're shaping us in holiness, preparing us to shine
And the more that we are changed, the more our spirit's cry
Strip away, strip away, strip away the pride
Strip away the fear, strip away the lies
Strip away, the religion, all the man made rules            
Strip away everything  that keeps us from You.
Step by step we're growing, day by day we're changed 
More and more we're being conformed to You in every way
There are places we still struggle, things we fail to see
But, Lord we know in You alone we have the victory
You've made us for this hour, and called us to this time
Jesus, have Your way in us, let Your glory shine...