Out of the Boxes

Spiritual - Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Out of the Boxes
There's a world waiting to be discovered
There's a Kingdom just waiting to be found
There's a realm beyond imagination
A place of hallowed ground
It lies just beyond our understanding
Outside the threshold of the door
It's a place where anything is possible
Where we won't thirst anymore....so
Let's get out of the boxes, and take down the walls
Leave the past behind, and heed the Spirit's call
Let's throw off all that hinders, every chain that holds us bound
For there's a Kingdom to be discovered, and a world to be found.
For years we've followed man's traditions
Believing that they would show the way
But years of failed, and empty promises 
Have led us to this day
Well, the time has come for us to waken
The time has come for us to see 
There's so much more than what we've settled for
So much more we're called to be...so
Every thing we've ever looked for
Every thing we've longed to see
Is waiting just beyond that threshold
So, let's embrace our destiny