Walls Are Falling

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Walls Are Falling
Walls are falling, walls are falling, never to rise again
The Spirit’s calling, the Spirit’s calling, rise up and take my hand
Everything’s being shaken, everything’s being shaken, 
So what cannot will remain       
Walls are falling, walls are falling, never to rise again.
What’s with the uncertainty, what’s with all the fear
Everything that’s happening, He told us would appear
But, maybe we weren’t listening, or maybe thought it wasn’t real
Still, He’s turning everything upside down, 
So what’s hidden can be revealed.
We have walked in darkness, thinking it was the light
Displaying a form of godliness, but having no power in sight
Through our rules and our traditions, we have sought to serve the Lord
Losing sight of the relationship, that He longs for so much more.
Everything that hinders, every chain that binds
Every root of pride and selfishness, is now being refined
And at times it may be painful, and we might feel like giving in
But it’s all a part of us learning how to trust and walk with Him.