Open Up Our Eyes

- Karl Berg
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Listen Count : 1872
Lyrics : Open Up Our Eyes
We talk about Your love O Lord as if we really knew
We talk about Your miracles, and all the things You do.
We speak of things we do not know, as if ourselves we’d seen
We’ve made You in our image Lord, we have been deceived
“Be holy as I am holy” Your Word rings loud and clear
Still our actions we explain away, because we have no fear
We presume upon Your love, and think because of grace
We can do the things we please, and You’ll look the other way. 
Open up our eyes, we need Your fear O Lord
Open up our eyes, come and shake us to the core
We’ve taken You for granted in our complacency
Open up our eyes Lord, to Your Awesome Majesty 
Whatever can be shaken will be shaken, You’ve said
So the things that can’t be shaken, will remain instead.
You’ve prepared for us a Kingdom, that even now is here
But one we’ll never enter without a reverent fear.
May we love the things You love, and hate the things You hate
May we learn to tremble at Your Word, before it’s too late
O all Consuming Fire, come lay bare our hearts
Confront us with Your Holiness, don’t leave us as we are.