The Sound Of Abundance

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : The Sound Of Abundance
Holy Spirit, my old friend, 
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision suddenly appeared, 
Casting shadows of what might be this year
And this vision that was planted in my brain, (x2) 
Spoke of rain in the sound of abundance
As the vision did unfold, 
Things were symbolically for-told 
I saw water flowing like a flood, 
Overwhelming everything it touched
For the dams that once had stood had fallen down, (x2) 
To the ground amidst the sound of abundance
Then in the naked light I saw, 
Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall
Circumstances in the world of men, 
Things that were that will never be again
Traditions and forms that had stood for many years, (x2) 
I saw disappear within the sound of abundance
Lord I said, I need to know, 
Will all I’ve seen really unfold
What about those who are unaware, 
Or even those who maybe aren’t prepared
He said “It’s not yours to know all that will be, (x2) 
You just follow Me, for there’s a sound of abundance”
Oh may we all have ears to hear, 
May we respond in faith, not fear
May we have the grace to comprehend, 
What will be, will never be again
For His blessing and His judgement will flow as one, (x2) 
Until it’s done, there’s a sound of abundance.