We Are A Light

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : We Are A Light
There’s a cost to following the Lord, and the price is everything
All that we have, and all that we are, we must lay   before the King
You see the days are growing darker, and we need to understand        
The cost will only be greater, as we obey the Lord’s command.
All around there’s a pressure to conform, as the Word is compromised
We have seen the standards fall and the Truth twisted before our eyes
But the times they are changing, The Lord is waking up His bride
Calling forth His remnant, to stand against the tide....
We are a light, shining in the dark
We are a light, bringing hope to hurting hearts
Whatever things were gain to us, we now count as loss...cause
We are a light, shining to the cross.
Throughout the years, believers in the Lord, were called to take a stand
Proclaim His Name boldly without fear, though it cost them everything they had
Through the fires of persecution, their Lord they did not deny
But one by one laid down their lives, echoing the cry....
There’s a cost to following the Lord, and the price is everything
We need to see there is no other way, if we’re going to serve the King
The time has come to take a stand, for all that we believe
And as we stand for Jesus, all around will see....

Written by Karl Berg © 2014