Who Are We Serving

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Who Are We Serving
The Lord is calling to His people,  
“Repent, for the Kingdom is at hand”
We’re running out of time, He’s coming to refine, 
Do we know where we truly stand.
Everything concealed will be uncovered, 
Every whispered secret disclosed
Every hidden sin, buried deep within, 
Will be brought into the light and exposed....so tell me
Who–o–o are we serving
Who are we really living for 
It’s time to take an inventory   
Open up our lives before the Lord.
The Lord is coming to His temple, 
One day, He’ll suddenly appear
What will we do, when His glory shines on through, 
Will we turn to Him, or run away in fear  
If we will humbly bow before Him, 
Like soap He’ll come and scrub the dirt away
But if we try to hide, and cover up our pride, 
He’ll come as fire and burn it all away....So tell me
The Lord is calling to His people
“Repent, for the Kingdom is at hand”
The choice is ours today, will we listen and obey
Will we be the ones to take a stand..... Oh tell me
Written by Karl Berg © 2014