You Are Loved

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : You Are Loved
As you travel on life's journey, as you search for what is true
Understand there is another, who is watching over you
One who knows you better than you even know yourself
One who loves you more than anybody else.
You’ve come through many trials, many struggles, many storms
And I know at times you’ve wondered why you were even born.
Yet even in the darkness, He was standing by your side
You need to know you’re special, precious in His sight.
You are loved, forever you are loved
You are always in the heart of your Father up above
Now life can be unfriendly, and storms will always come
But they will never change the fact that you are loved,
No they can never change the fact that you are loved.
Now this life that you've been given will see sunshine, will see rain
And every season has a purpose, though not all can be explained.
But always remember, He's the One you’re living for
When the storm clouds gather, fix your eyes upon the Lord.
So, as you travel on life's journey, this is my prayer for you
May the eyes of your heart be opened to the One who makes you new
May you come to know Him like you’ve never known before 
May hope arise within your heart, to show there’s so much more.
Written by Karl Berg © 2014