Kingdom Child

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Kingdom Child
For years I was lost, but now I am found
What was once sinking sand, is now solid ground
For into my world of darkness, and pain
Came the love of the Saviour to light up the way
For years I was blind, but now I can see
Where once I was bound, now I am free
For into my world of confusion and fear
Came the truth of His Word, to make everything clear
I’m a Kingdom child, ho-ly and pure
I’m a Kingdom child, and I know this for sure
I’ve been redeemed by the Lamb’s precious blood
I’m a Kingdom child, a joint heir with the Son
The Lord is my Rock, and my Destiny
I know who I am, and who He is in me
And into my world He pours mercy and grace
Complete in His love, I now take my place.
Written by Karl Berg © 2014