- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Holiness
How can we enter the Kingdom, unless we’re first set apart
How can we enter His throne room, when self still rules in our heart
Unless we are converted, unless we are conformed                   
To the character of Jesus, we won’t see the Lord 
Without Holiness, no one will see the Lord
Without Holiness, we’ll fail to heed the Word
Without Holiness, we won’t do our part
Without Holiness, we’ll be left out in the dark.
How can we think He understands when we choose to sin each day
How can we think ‘because we’re saved’ that He’ll look the other way
We’re living in deception, if this is how we see
And if we don’t awake to the truth, He’ll say depart from Me
How can we say we love Him, and choose not to obey
How can we say we know Him, and not walk in His ways
We need a revelation, of the fear of the Lord today
Our foundation must be shaken, if we’re going to find the way
“Be holy as I am holy” the Word rings loud and clear                                
But will we choose to listen? will we choose to fear?
Written by Karl Berg © 2014