Thy Kingdom Come

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Thy Kingdom Come
Back in the beginning, the Kingdom was on the earth
In the garden of Eden, all was right and pure
But that was changed in a moments time when Adam disobeyed
The blessing then became the curse, as the Kingdom went away.
Four thousand years came and went, as God reached out to man
Making covenant with people like Moses, and Abraham
Through the strife and through the struggle, He only had one aim
To get His Son into the earth, and bring the Kingdom back again
“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”
This has been the Father’s heart since man walked in the garden 
Though centuries have disappeared, the cry remains the same
“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done,” till Jesus comes to reign.
Jesus came to re-establish Heaven’s Kingdom here on earth
The Son of God incarnate, in humility, came to serve
Through everything He said and did, the Kingdom He displayed
And through His death, and resurrection, He opened up the way.
In an upper room at Pentecost, as the believers knelt in prayer
Holy Spirit in a rushing wind, came and met them there
The Kingdom was imparted, as He came to dwell within
And all were changed in a moments time, and were never the same again.  
Signs and wonders followed everywhere the Word went forth
So the Kingdom was expanded to the west, south, east, and north
But persecution followed striking the believers down
And as the spirit of religion rose, the Kingdom went underground.
Through the centuries that followed, though all looked dark and bleak
The Kingdom was still active, bringing hope to all who’d seek
Forcefully advancing as the martyrs took their stand
The Kingdom’s light once more began to spread  across the land.
Revivals came, and revivals went, truth slowly was restored
And the eyes of many people were opened to the Lord
The Kingdom grew in number as more people began to see
The light of revelation, the truth that makes men free
We stand now at the threshold of the Kingdom’s greatest hour
The Lord is calling forth a remnant who will show forth His power
They will raise up His standard, and all the world will see
The Kingdom come in glory and fulfill it’s destiny...
Wrtten by Karl Berg © 2014