The Kingdom Of Heaven

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : The Kingdom Of Heaven
The Kingdom of heaven’s like a mustard seed, planted in the ground
Yet that which is the smallest of seeds, becomes the largest plant around.
The Kingdom of heaven’s like a little yeast, placed within a bowl
And when that yeast is mixed with the flour, it spreads throughout the dough.
The Kingdom of heaven is a mystery, the world will never understand
For the ways of God have always been, foolish in the eyes of man.
No, the Kingdom of heaven is not like the world, it’s different in every way
For the first shall be last, and the last shall be first, but everyone’s the same.
The Kingdom of heaven’s like a treasure chest, hidden in a field
When found, the man sold all that he had, to obtain what had been concealed
Again, the Kingdom of heaven’s like, a merchant looking for fine pearls
When he found “the one” he sold all that he had, to him it was worth the world.
Now the Kingdom of heaven is there to be found by those who have eyes to see
Those who will seek, and those who will hear, will be those who will perceive.
Yes the Kingdom of heaven belongs to those who will reach out and receive
Who will humble themselves, come as a child, and simply just believe.
Written by Karl Berg © 2014