"O Taste And See"

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : "O Taste And See"
The Kingdom’s like a bakery, full of good things to eat
Cookies, pastries, cakes of all kinds, always fresh and sweet.     
The Owner works in the kitchen, His Son stands in the door
While His servants hand out samples telling the wonders of the store.
Early every morning while the sun is on the rise
He can be seen there in the doorway, light shining in His eyes
You can smell the sweet aroma, of the pastries as they bake
You can hear His servants calling out, and this is what they say..
“O taste and see  that the Lord is good”
O taste and see,  try heavens food
All you’ll ever want, all you’ll ever need
Yours today.....O taste and see
Now some who try the samples, just turn and walk away 
While others who receive them, return day after day
You see, the more you taste the baking, the more that you can see
And the more you see, the more you find it’s where you want to be.
Now the wonders of the Bakery, words will never fully tell
The cookies, cakes, and pastries, one must never sell
You see the purpose of the Bakery, is to reveal the Baker’s love
And the purpose of the samples is to lead you to His Son....
Written by Karl Berg 2014