Come Unto Me

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Come Unto Me
When the worries of this world get you down
When you need a friend and no one can be found
When you feel your life is empty, and no one seems to care
Lift your voice to Jesus, you know He’ll always hear.  For He said...
Come unto me, lay your burdens at my feet and I will give you rest
Come unto me, lay your weary head upon my shoulder
I will be your refuge, I will be your strength
Come to me, I’ll give you rest.
When the fear in your life is much too real
When then pain in your heart won’t seem to heal
When storms are all around you, and you don’t know what to do
Lift your voice to Jesus, He will see you through. For He said...
It doesn’t matter how hard the problem seems
Jesus has the answer, He knows your every need
So in every situation, no matter what you’re going through
Lift your voice to Jesus, that’s all you have to do. For He said...