Second Best

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Second Best
There are lies being spoken, in the body of Christ today
Like, healing’s not for everyone, and we must accept what comes our way.
Yet salvation means completeness, Spirit, body and soul
Nothing missing, nothing broken, one hundred percent totally whole....so
Why do we settle for second best
Why do we believe the lies
Jesus didn’t come and pass the test
So we would be poor, get sick, and die.
He came to set us free. He died to open the way
So we could be with God, the way that Adam was
Pure and free from sin, complete in everything.
We are sons and daughters
Of a great and mighty King
And all He has is ours by faith
For He’s provided everything....so
Now there are lies being spoken
But the truth is there to see
And Jesus said if we’d know the truth
Then the truth would surely set us free....so