Peace Does Not Come In A Bottle

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Peace Does Not Come In A Bottle
Peace does not come in a bottle
Peace cannot be bought or sold
Peace is not found in what this world has to offer
Cause peace is found in God alone.
Every single day the quest is still the same
to find true peace and contentment
you search far and wide, trying to calm the storm inside
forever looking for the answer.
Now you may not think it’s true, but everything you do
is driven by this need deep inside you
your soul longs to be at peace, so you seek a release
anywhere you can find it.
Now this world boasts many ways, but the results are still the same
everything you try just leaves you empty
the riches and the fame, the power and the gain
satisfy only for a season.
Jesus is the way, you see He gave His life to pay
the price for this world’s redemption
and it’s in Him you will find your desired peace of mind
and His peace is beyond your understanding.