We Use Your Name

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : We Use Your Name
We use Your Name, as if it were a magic potion
We use Your Name, as if it were a good luck token
We use Your Name, not discerning who You are
Looking for a fix, just as if we were wishing upon a star
We use Your Name, to punctuate the prayers we’re praying
We use Your Name, not comprehending all were saying
We use your Name, but we don’t really understand
We’re looking for the power, to get us through the hour, and change our circumstance.
Oh, Je-sus, when will we ever see, oh, Je-sus, it’s in You we are free
But until we take Your hand, we will never understand
How we use Your Name in vain, over and over again
No, until we take Your hand we will never understand
Your Name is part of who You are, Redeemer, Saviour , Friend.
We use Your Name, without asking Your permission
We use Your Name, our agenda is our mission
We use Your Name, but we really don’t believe
Walking in presumption, making the assumption, what were praying is what You want to be.