It Was For Freedom

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : It Was For Freedom
The battle’s done, the victory’s won
Christ has conquered death and hell, He has overcome
The price is paid, still in many ways
We need to learn to walk in the freedom
We feel the pain, we see the stains
We hear the lies that say our faith is all in vain
We stress and strive, trying to survive
Clinging to the hope that somehow our life will change.
It was for freedom Christ has set us free
It was for freedom He bought our liberty
In spite of every circumstance, and how the facts may seem
The truth remains when Jesus died, we were redeemed.
Temptations come. We are undone
Somehow we lack the strength and we are overcome
We crash and burn. We need to learn
If we’re going to win the race, we must focus on the Son.
If only we could see. 
We’re not trying to get free
He’s already made a way, 
For those who’ll walk with Him each day.