One Step At A Time

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : One Step At A Time
Seems the road that I’ve been on has reached an end.
Darkness now surrounds me, I can’t see what lies ahead.
Questions fill my mind, answers I can’t find,
Lord, I need to know the reason why?
It seemed like things were going o so well,
When the light ahead just disappeared, to where I couldn’t tell.
Lord I’m so confused, I don’t know what to do,
But still somehow I know I must follow you....So I’ll just take it...
One step at a time, walking day by day.
One step at a time, as you show me the way.
And though I may not understand I’ll place my trust in you.
One step at a time, o Lord you’ll see me through.
The pain of disappointment’s hard to take.
And Lord I’ve often wondered if there wasn’t some mistake.
Still I know your Word is true, I’m nothing without you,
And I know you will show me what to do.....If I’ll just take it...
Lord you’ve hemmed me in on every side.
So even if I tried to run, I know there’d be no place to hide.
My life is in your hands, I’m at your command,
All I ask o Lord is the strength to stand....So I can take it...